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Status of use of lead-acid golf cart batteries

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Status of use of lead-acid golf cart batteriesElectric golf cart is an environmentally friendly passenger vehicle designed and developed by the special golf course. It is a short-range vehicle with a stable driving and a comfortable feature. Electric golf cart can be divided into 2, 4, 6, 8 seats according to the number of rides, using battery drive, speed of 18 ~ 24 km / h, one charge can be charged 80 kilometers, can take 100 km above. The accelerator of the electric golf cart is a stepless variable speed, and the travel speed is adjusted according to the current size.

The power source used by the golf cart is generally a rich liquid storage battery, and the monomer battery is 6V and 8V, and the 36V / 48V power supply system is constructed by multiple series. Market surveys show that the lead-acid golf cart battery is generally used for more than a year, and the performance is significantly reduced, and the life is shortened. Replacing the battery requires expensive cost, while a large number of waste batteries hazard the environment and human health. 


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