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Suspected cold rain, the battery is short, more than two hundred used car knockout

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Suspected cold rain, the battery is short, more than two hundred used car knockoutWaste cars boil 2 hours

On night, there is only a dozen degrees in temperature, and the cold winds have not stopped. However, at 10 o’clock in the eve of 10 o’clock, a scrapped in the Chancheng Flir has a fire. The reporter rushed to the scene after 12 o’clock in the morning yesterday, in Flori Road, the reporter saw the water pipe connection of many fire engines, stopped on the roadside to turn on the fire hydrant.

The reporter learned that a fire is a metal recycling company, while the fire location is located in the discharged car stacked in the open air. One of the manufacturers said that these waste vehicles are scrapped vehicles, including cars, trucks, and yellow labels, more than 200 vehicles, 3 floors stacked“Luohan”.

At 1 o’clock in the morning yesterday, the reporter mounted on the 3rd floor of the employee dormitory near the fire point. Through the flashlight light, it can be clearly seen, and it continues to float to smoke. Until 3 o’clock in the morning, the remaining small fire points were completely extinguished.

Mr. Ma, Mr. Ma is an eyewitness of the fire earlier. At 10 o’clock in the eve, Mr. Ma passed through Florly Road, saw a factory ignited a fire. I haven’t went to the door of the fireworks, and Mr. Ma will hear the sound of 噼 噼 噼 噼 噼.

Be“The fire begins to burn from the car, the fire is very bright, and the outer wall of the nearby staff dormitory is popular.”Mr. Ma said.


120 fire officers and soldiers

After the fire, there were more than 20 fire engines, a total of 120 firefighters rushed to live rescue. Long Yu, the captain of the Chancheng Fire Brigade, said that the fire is about 600 square meters in the heart of the fire.

At 10 o’clock before 10:00 pm, I received alarm, ten minutes later, the Chancheng fire-fighting squad, the three squadrons and the special squadron rushed to the scene. Due to the fire on the fire, the fire supplement is almost the same, the fire point is located“Car Luohan”It is difficult to extinguish, and the fire is spread, and then 3 Squadron reinforcements such as Guicheng. 20 prolong the next day, the fire is basically extinguished. At 3 o’clock in the morning, the remaining small fire points were extinguished.

According to the firefighters, there are 2 indoor fire hydrants in the fire metal recycling company, but because the water pressure is almost unable to use, the two fire hydrants next door is completely eaten by the rust. The firefighters had to go to Flori Road, three or four hundred meters, with a multi-fire truck relay to take a fire.“We have a lot of work for the water, which is not allowed to enter by the car stack, we can only enter the water.”Firefighters said.


Doubt battery short circuit

Why is the launch of the car in the rain? A factory person who is unwilling to tell reporters should be rainwater to cause battery cells in the car to short the battery, generating sparks to ignite the remaining oil of the tank, which trigger a fire.

The factory personnel revealed that it is a scrapped car that started burning. He said that due to the transformation of the rivers, the company’s parking lot is 3 acres before, and it has to stack the car into 3 layers.“The stacked vehicles are not as follows to withdraw the battery and the remaining oil remaining. The key is that some cars still have oil, and the rain allows the battery to make the oil after a short circuit.”He said.

In addition, he also said that foster to blow in the northern wind at the time, or it may be more serious.“There are more than a dozen yellow labels in the east, and the east distance is about 3 meters. There are employee dormitory. There are about 5 meters from the dormitory.”He said. 


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