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Take the installation requirements for the battery

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Take the installation requirements for the batteryThe installation requirements of the traction battery are required for the power storage system, so it is necessary to carry out the transportation and installation process, it is necessary to carry it carefully; Tools, installation or handling electricity, wear insulated gloves, aprons and protective glasses, and electricity can only be soften during handling, while handling, it is not allowed to touch the pole and flat annesia valve; disagreement, divergent can not be agreed.
1. Check the liquid level of the electrolyte that is increasingly cited. If the page of the electrolyte is lower than the rated liquid, it will cause the electric forkle battery to heat, thereby shortening the life of the electric forklift battery, so we must pay attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient.
2, check the terminals, wires, covers. Here you need to check the wiring column engagement of the electric forklift battery, with the connection of the wire, and observe its corrosion. At the same time, we have to check if the lid is deformed, whether there is a fever.
3. Observe the appearance. Whether there is dirt or damage to the reference battery surface to avoid leakage or leakage conditions. 


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