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Take you into the internal structure of the battery?

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Take you into the internal structure of the battery?


From the battery structure, the commonly used lead-acid battery can be mainly divided into a positive electrode plate, a negative electrode plate, a partition plate, a bus bar, a housing, an electrolyte, a wiring pile, and the like.


1. Among them, the positive and negative electrode plates are mainly composed of lead, and the effect is responsible for the storage of electric energy in the battery. For the same battery, the number of positive and negative plates determines the size of the battery capacity, the more the number of plates, the battery capacity The bigger it.


2, the separator is composed of an insulating porous material, and the main function is to prevent the positive and negative short circuit and help to prevent a certain amount of electrolyte from the surface active material to prevent the surface active substance.


3. The electrolyte is the medium of the active material transfer between the battery positive and negative electrodes, which is the environmental basis of the battery charge and discharge.


4. The role of the bus bar is to connect the respective plates together, equivalent to the internal wire of the battery.


5, the wiring pile is a component that is connected to the body circuit, which is equivalent to the power socket.

6. The role of the housing does not have to be said, mainly responsible for storing battery components and electrolyte.


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