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Talking about the different work characteristics of different specifications of electric forklifts

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Talking about the different work characteristics of different specifications of electric forkliftsThe electric forklift is a forklift of the operation in electric forklift. The electric forklift is electrically driven, compared with the internal combustion truck, has no contamination, easy to operate, energy saving efficient. Follow the economy and the progress of environmental protection, energy saving requirements, and the electric forklift is rapid. The sales volume of shopping malls increased year by year. Especially in ports, warehousing and tobacco, food, textile and other occupations, electric forklifts are gradually replacing internal combustion trucks. The electric forklift can be divided into three types of self-contained, stand-off, and drive. It can also be divided into: electric tray stacking forklift, front shift forklift, four-way electric forklift, universal electric forklift, narrow channel forklift (three-way forklift). Posup bonding is now analyzed about the work characteristics of the six types of forklifts
Electric truck characteristics – electric tray stacking forklift
Electric tray stacking forklift is a light-type indoor increasing stacking device, focusing on stacking, because the body is light
Electric Forklift Features – Front Steam Fork
The lifting tissue of the front movement can be moved before and after the forklift. Fork delivery. The focus of the goods fall within four fulcrums composed of wheels. Thus, the forward-moving forklift has better flexibility, high rise and safety and stability. Its load scale is generally 1-25 tons, and the lifting height is 12 meters. But because the wheel is small. By passing the limited, and due to the messy structure, the capital is higher
Electric forklift – four-way electric forklift
Four-way electric forklift set forward shifted forklift, side fork, balanced and balanced forklifts for integral. In the constructor, it is the same as that of the front shift forklift, between the front and rear wheels, and there are two legs extending in front of the car, and the front end of the leg is supported, and the goods can be used. Move before and after the forklift. When the fork is unloaded, the fork extends, and the fork unloading goods will be returned to the central orientation of the near-vehicle body, so the stability of the forklift is greatly improved.

Different from the front-shift forklift in that the two load wheels of the front end of the four-way electric fork car can pass through the steering tissue 90 ¡ã when the rear wheel is turned 90 ¡ã, the entire truck can change from the front and rear, and there is a left and right. Outline, equivalent to a side fork, and thus the metastatic material transfer of a narrow channel. The minimum channel width is generally within 2 meters. But due to the mess, the capital is higher.

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