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Talking about the effect of gel content on discharge properties of alkaline batteries

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Talking about the effect of gel content on discharge properties of alkaline batteriesAdhesive refers to a uniform, suspension or emulsion type latex thick liquid or semi-solid formulation made of a mixed or emulsion type latex. A quantity of gel is added to the anterior electrode zinc cream in the alkaline zinc manganese battery, so that the zinc powder in the zinc paste is formed to stabilize and uniformly dispersed a paste to ensure that the surface of the zinc powder particles is discharged in the battery. Electrolyte. Covering and preventing uneven settlement of zinc powder from electrolyte.
Further, the gel can also promote the action between zinc powder, the contact between the zinc powder and the current fluid, and improve the generation of the battery in vibration and when the voltage is abnormal. When the gel has many advantages, the free movement of ions in the electrolyte is also hindered, and the mass transfer properties of the zinc cream electrode are reduced.
The zinc paste of different content gels was made into an alkaline battery, and the discharge detection apparatus was discharged with a battery discharge detection device at room temperature, and the set discharge stop voltage was 1V. As a result, we have found that there is too much amount of gel added, too small, which hinders the battery to achieve optimum discharge performance. The gel is too small, although the discharge voltage of the battery is relatively high in the pre-discharge, but in the middle and late voltage start, the discharge time is not long. Excessive addition of the gel, the constant current discharge voltage is low, which is caused by the diffusion of the reactant or the diffusion of the product or unevenness of the zinc powder particles, when the gel content is 80 mg, alkaline battery The discharge performance is best.

Therefore, in the production process, the battery manufacturer is ensured that the battery discharge capacity and the higher discharge voltage and better large current discharge performance are required to maintain the battery discharge capacity, and the appropriate gel is required to be added.

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