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Talking about the principles that lead-acid batteries need to follow during use

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Talking about the principles that lead-acid batteries need to follow during useMaintenance-free lead-acid battery due to price concessions, convenient, high-capacity, etc. Maintenance-free lead-acid battery is not to be completely unprotected. In the process of application, it is necessary to stop some protection, preventing battery application capabilities to achieve better guarantees, and life will also be longer.
The UPS-free maintenance battery requires criteria to comply with the application and protection:
A: The sealing battery can be allowed to be 15 degrees to 50 degrees, but the application can extend battery life within 5 degrees -35 degrees. Battery chemical identity below zero 15 degrees will be changed without charging. The application will receive the highest life in 20 degrees to 25 degrees. The battery is about to get long-lived but lower capacity at low temperature transport, which is about to achieve higher capacity but short life.
B: The battery life and temperature of the temperature can be referred to the following rules, and the temperature is over 25 degrees Celsius, each high 8.3-degree battery life will be less than half.
C: Exempting the power of the battery’s plan floating voltage is 2.3V / section. 12V battery is 13.8V. CSB company initiatives 2.25-2.3V per section. In the case of 120 batteries, the temperature is higher than the Celsius 25 degrees, and the temperature is 3 mV per low degree of floating charge. The different temperature is once per low to avoid the charging and non-casting compression, and 3 mV is increased. The discharge stop voltage is full load (<30分钟)情况下为1.67V每节。在低放电率情况下(小电流长光阴放电)要低落至1.7V-1.8V每节,APCSYMMETRA可依据负载量调理充电电压。
D: After the discharge is stopped, the battery is not charged again within 72 hours. The sulfate will be attached to the polar insulation and destroy the battery.
E: When the battery is floating or matched, the gas produced outside the battery is electrically solved in the negative electrode plate, thereby adhering to the capacity of the battery and does not use water. However, the corruption of the battery pole will reduce battery capacity.
F: The battery partition is only 5-6 months in the case of 30-40 degrees. Changuang Yin storage batteries must charge once every 6 months. The battery must be sent to a dry and cool. In the case of 20 degrees, the self-discharge rate of the battery is 3-4% per month and changes with temperature.
G: The protective battery is equipped with a safety valve. When the external air pressure of the battery is low to a certain extent, the safety valve can actively eliminate excess air, and the safety valve will actively regulate when the external air pressure regulation is scheduled.
H: The battery’s cycle life (charge and discharge) depends on the discharge rate, discharge depth, and the method of reducing recurring charging, the most important identity is the depth of discharge. On the discharge rate and the light, the scalable depth is shallow, the longer the battery cycle life. The protection battery is about 200 times in the 25 degree 100% deep discharge.
I: The battery is expressed as a capacity attenuation during life, and the outer short circuit, the outer casing are deformed, the plate is corrupted, and the open circuit voltage is low.
J: IEEE Directive Battery Life Stop is 80% of the capacity non-applied capacity AH. Nominal capacity and retrieval of the light intain nonlinear dry system, the capacity reduced by 20% response rear preparation of the light in a reduction of many. Some UPS manufacturers have a battery life to stop 50-60% of the capacity to a nominal capacity.
K: Relative to the battery mixing of differences and distribution manufacturers, or low battery life.
L: If the two sets of batteries are connected in parallel, the battery connection should be supplied, and the discharge resistance resistance is used.

M: Over-protecting the battery means that it is possible to prevent liquid, but there is no slit in the reservoir in schedule, and there is no leakage of the electrolyte or the like.

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