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The reason for the electric forklift battery cannot be enabled and the requirements of charging

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The reason for the electric forklift battery cannot be enabled and the requirements of chargingThe electric forklift battery is used as a DC power supply of a forklift, tractor, a van, a dry mining locomotive, and is widely used in airports, stations, ports, vegetables and fruit markets and industrial deposits. There are many knowledge about electric forklift batteries, which will be described below with the causes of electric forklift batteries that cannot be lashed and the requirements of charging.

The interior of the electric forklift battery is generally 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid. The electrolyte can be flooded by the electrolyte and there will be a part of the electrode plate to be exposed to the air, which is very unfavorable to the battery of the battery, and a general battery observation hole or The top of the battery has an exhaust port to communicate with the outside, so the battery transverse discharge solution is easy to flow.

The electric forklift battery is not required to reach the nominal capacity in use. First, consider whether the battery is insufficient or after use, check whether the density of the electrolyte density is low, whether there is a density rise after charging, if the density is not Change, should consider that the outer wiring is not smooth, the resistance is large. This is because the electric forklift battery charging If the operation is not professional, we will cause inevitable malfunctions, so we have to conduct a professional charging operation.

The requirements for the charging process of the electric ferrobe battery are the basis for analyzing various charging technologies. The basic requirement of the electric forklift battery to charge is that the charging current should be less than or equal to the battery to receive a charging current. Otherwise, the excess current will cause the electrolytic water to consume too fast, produce the following hazard: increase the water loss rate of the electric forklift battery, increase the maintenance workload, for the maintenance battery, will cause the early failure of the electric forklift battery; production Sour, causing environmental pollution, endangering workers’ health; reduces charging efficiency, resulting in severe waste of energy.

In addition, after the electric forklift battery is charged, the voltage of each single-single battery should be around 2.1 volts, which is also one of our inspections after the charging work is completed, so that the life of the electric forklift battery is used to ensure the service life of the electric forklift battery. .


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