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The traction battery is mainly used in tractors

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The traction battery is mainly used in tractorsThe traction battery is mainly used in tractors, with the source of the battery as the power of the vehicle, such as forklift, rail, explosion-proof locomotive, electric vehicle, electric yacht ship, etc., generally deep cycle discharge use, this battery is not Philippine, replacement is also more troubles, so we will generally try to play the use of traction batteries, otherwise money, increased the post-operating cost, usually the battery is a few years, and reasonable use is an important role in improving the economic value of the battery. The way is also an effective way to extend life. When the traction of the battery starter starts the engine, the output current is large, and in general, the current output is as high as 250A-300A at the start of at low temperature (-10 ¡ã C).
Then, the charge capacity of the traction battery does not match the engine, the charge capacity is small, the battery is when the start-resistance is large, and the battery of the small charge capacity is discharged in terms of dramatic discharge, then the active substance in the unit time and sulfuric acid The reaction can be raised by the reacting battery, and the battery pole plate is bent due to overload. As a result, the battery active substance is largely detached, and the pole is damaged, which will make the battery life greatly shortened 


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