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Transformation becomes the only way out of the long-term development of lead-acid battery companies

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Transformation becomes the only way out of the long-term development of lead-acid battery companiesThe lead-acid battery has a higher market share in the secondary battery sector due to its safety and stability, and is widely used in the three fields of automotive boot, power battery and backup and energy storage batteries. But 2011 broke out“Blood lead event”Let the entire industry set off a rectification.

Against“Lead-acid batteries”The field interviewed the Secretary-General of the China Battery Industry Association Liu Jiaxin and Guangfa SHF Senior Investment Manager Wu Fan, and discussed the problem of lead-acid batteries.

Reporter: At present, a large number of companies announce to enter the lithium battery industry. How do you think about this investment behavior in the downstream application market? What kind of suggestions do you have related companies?

Liu Jiaxin, Secretary-General of China Battery Industry Association: From the perspective of industry development, the power battery is in the early stages of development, although it is facing a large market risk, it is because it is in such a development stage, and it is also an opportunity for companies. In the early days, it is possible to seize the lead in the industry to obtain leadership. Therefore, although I have not yet industrialized, it is only the problem of time. After all, the foreseeable market is large enough. Therefore, there is an advantageous enterprise to lay out the power battery industry in advance to seize the development opportunity, if It is already a red sea after the market is ripe.

For investment power batteries, I recommend the first to analyze the power battery industry chain, really understand the basic size of this market, combined with its own resources, selectively enter certain industrial chain links, can’t do anything Be sure to be a well-known area, such as positive material, diaphragm, electrolyte or battery pack, and make detailed feasibility research before investment. Second, don’t just see the new energy auto market, and ignore the already mature market such as electric bicycles and electric tools, there are existing tablets, smart phones and other markets. In fact, this piece of market is still very big. Again, enterprises must have their own technical advantages when investing, because the industry is in the early stages of the industry, technology is a very important factor that the company is really won. Finally, be sure to pay attention to capital operation. 


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