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Usually used valve control batteries

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Usually used valve control batteriesThere are two categories: a category of a cathode, ie a cathode absorption plate, a fiberglass, a cathode, a cylinder. Both types of valve-controlled batteries are based on raw lead-acid batteries, and measures take measures to cause oxygen circulation compression and to inhibit hydrogen, and any oxygen production can be considered to be water loss. If the water is excessive consumption, the battery is dry, and the battery internal resistance is increased to cause capacity loss of the battery. The specific difference is as follows:

(1) Ultra-fine glass fiber membrane is adsorbed in the diaphragm with the ultrafine glass fiber membrane, and the separator is about 95% saturated state, and the electrolytic solution density is about 1.30k9 / 1. No free state in the battery. The diaphragm and polar plate use a tight assembly process, and the internal resistance is small. In the structure, a horizontal arrangement is generally used. When a vertical arrangement is used, the height of the same polar plate is high to the minimum to avoid layering or slowing the layering process.

(2) The colloidal valve-controlled battery and the conventional rich liquid-based lead-acid battery are similar, and the monolithic trough the mold plate and the conventional diaphragm plate are assembled into the battery cell, then injecting colloidal electrolyte composed of dilute sulfuric acid and Si0, particles. The electrolyte density is 1.24k9 / 1. Such an electrolyte is filled with all the gaps in the partition, the plate and the battery tank, thereby fully wrap the positive and negative plates. Therefore, in the initial use of the use, the oxygen generated on the positive electrode did not spread to the negative channel, and the lead reduction of the active substance on the negative electrode can only be discharged from the exhaust valve. After using a period of time, the colloid begins dry and contraction, and the oxygen can diffuse through the crack to the negative surface, and the oxygen circulation is maintained, and the exhaust valve is not often opened, the battery changes into sealing operation. The uniformity of colloidal electrolyte can be good, and thus the plate strength is uniform in the charge and discharge process. The upper end of the colloidal electrolyte battery for the battery is blocked, thereby avoiding layering. 


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