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Valve-controlled sealing lead-acid battery installation

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Valve-controlled sealing lead-acid battery installation1) The battery is also long-term operating state when the battery is floating, and its purpose is to keep the battery is often full of full state, but it cannot be charged. The valve-controlled sealed battery is in normal operating conditions, and there should be no sour and escape.
(2) The gate alloy of the valve controlled lead-acid battery, the density of the electrolyte is different from the antisocalypse explosion battery, so the floating charge is generally higher than the antisocalypse explosion battery, and the antisocalized explosion The battery is small to keep the density gradient of the electrolyte, and it is necessary to periodically equalize charging, so the two currents cannot be transported parallel.
(3) The valve controlled battery is in operation in order to make the electrolyte up and down in the diaphragm, and should be placed according to the geometric shape of the plate, the long-length plate of the long plate, the easy-to-range plate of the long plate. put.
(4) AGM type valve controlled sealed battery uses ultra-fine fiberglass fibers with high liquid opening, which uses tight assembly to shorten the distance from the positive electrode plate to the negative electrode plate, so the sealing battery is during operation. The heat released is not suitable, and the heat storage problem of the battery should be considering the battery when installing and running. In order for the battery to be in full state and extend battery life, the rectifier should adjust the floating voltage of the battery in real time according to the temperature change.
(5) The valve-controlled sealing lead-acid battery is basically unmodent, but it can also be discussed to open the valve and perfuse the distilled water when necessary.
(6) Large-capacity batteries of more than 1000AH are generally constructed in parallel with several monomer batteries, and some are innerly inner, and some are parallel, from the perspective of operation and maintenance, it is advisable to use external parallelism.
(7) Since the antiserica explosion-explosive battery has many advantages, it can be considered in the case of a battery chamber.
(8) UPS’s reserve battery and starting battery of the generator set, its operating status and preparation of the operation should be included in centralized monitoring management to track monitoring. 


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