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Valve sealing battery generated thermal out-of control failure performance

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Valve sealing battery generated thermal out-of control failure performanceValve-controlled seal battery generated fault performance. The battery thermal out of control is not burst, and there is often a process. At about 80% of the charging to the capacity, the lithium battery enters a high voltage charging area, at this time, the oxygen is precipitated in the positive electrode plate, and the oxygen is passed through the holes in the partition, and the oxygen composite reaction is carried out on the negative plate: 2Pb + 02 -> 2PBO + heat PBO + H2S04 -> PBS04 + H20 + heat reactions generate heat, when the charging capacity reaches 90%, the oxygen generates increases, and hydrogen is generated by the negative electrode.

The increase in a large amount of gas makes the battery internal pressure exceeding the valve pressure, the safety valve opens, the gas escapes, and finally manifested as lost water. With the increase in the number of battery cycles, the lithium battery appears as follows:

(1) The oxygen “channel” becomes smooth, and the oxygen generated by the positive electrode is easy to pass through the “channel” to the negative electrode.

(2) The heat capacity is reduced, and the maximum heat capacity in the battery is water, water loss, the heat capacity of lithium battery is greatly reduced, and the heat generated is raised soon.

(3) Due to the contraction of the ultrafine glass fiber separator in the battery after lossless, the adhesion to the positive and negative plates is deteriorated, the internal resistance is increased, and the heat generation in the charge and discharge process is increased.

After the above process, the heat generated inside the battery can only be dissipated by the battery tank, such as less heat dissipation of less than the amount of heat, that is, the temperature rise occurs. The temperature increases, the electricity is reduced, the quantity is increased, and the positive electrode has a large amount of oxygen through the “channel”, and a large amount of heat is given, which makes the temperature rise, form a vicious circle, the so-called “thermal out of control.” “, The final temperature reaches 80 ¡ã C or higher, that is, deformation. 


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