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Water temperature abnormality for electric forklift

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Water temperature abnormality for electric forkliftElectric forklifts are commonly used in people’s lives, especially in the mechanical industry, very much. In daily, since not paying attention to maintenance, there will be some small problems in the electric truck. For example, the phenomenon of electrifacting water temperature is abnormal, today Xiamen forklift Yongxin Chang Xiaobian mainly introduces the solution of electric forklift water temperature abnormalities.
First, the radiator, the thermostat, the fan is the main reason for the anomalous of the water temperature of the electric fork. The solution is as follows:
1, radiator effect:
The ferrier of the forklift is placed in the tail of the vehicle. Due to the low chassis of the electric forklift, the work environment is poor, some debris, dust is easily accumulated on the surface of the heat sink, and if it is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect. Every day, the work should be carefully cleaned for the surface of the heat sink, and avoid using high pressure water guns. Because the tube wall of the radiator is very thin, if the cleaning pressure is too high, it is easy to punch, affecting the cycle effect. In addition, cooling water is strictly prohibited to use “hard water” to prevent scale in the heat sink, resulting in insufficient addition of cooling water.
2, an inspection of the thermostat:
Check the quality of the thermostat, mainly to determine the temperature difference of the water tube and the temperature of the water pipe. In the first time, in the front time of the engine cooler start, it should have a significant temperature difference, after working for a period of time, the temperature difference is significantly reduced. When the engine reaches the normal operating temperature (80 ¡ã C -90 ¡ã C), there is no obvious temperature difference. The most accurate detection method still removes the thermostat, placed in hot water, gradually heating, check the opening temperature of the valve and the lift of the valve. At present, a thermostat used by the engine is constantly based on wax thermostat. Its main performance is often an indicator to make a thermostat under different water temperatures should have different entertainment effects. Thus, a high and low content of the cooling water temperature is dynamically controlled. For uninomofacco-cooling systems to check a quality of the thermostat, mainly by the radiator water pipe and the temperature difference of the water pipe. In a previous period of the engine colder start, the water pipe should have a significant temperature difference in the hand touch, after a period of work, for temperature differences, it is often significantly reduced.
3, cooling fan effect:
The detection of the fan air volume can put a thin paper in front of the heat sink, when the engine is rotated, the air volume is sufficient. This is different from the front engine’s car fan to the inner suction. The blades cannot be reversed and should be guaranteed to be completely effective. One test of the general fan air volume can be placed in front of the heat sink, but when the engine is running, if the paper can be blown away, the air volume can be sufficient. This is different from the front of the car fan in the front engine.
4, check the pump:

Cooling water continues to circulate in the cooling system is a pump, and the water pump can establish enough pressure is the key to the normal operation of the cooling system. When the cooling water is added, if the temperature of the engine speed is increased, the cooling liquid is significantly decreased, which means that the water pump is working properly. Conversely, a water pump may be loose to the impeller.

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