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What happens when charger does not constant constant pressure?

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What happens when charger does not constant constant pressure?If the charger that cannot be constant voltage is not used, the battery is not used, but is contrastic, because it cannot absolute constant voltage, charging to the final stage, the voltage exceeds the specified charging termination voltage, the plate material is overheating Deformation and expansion, in addition to falling off, the electrolyte is decomposed and moisture evaporation, the concentration is improved, further over-corrosion plate, vulcanization.


Individual unqualified chargers, due to the failure of constant voltage, charging to the end, 36V battery pack, voltage voltage exceeds 45V, or even 50V. According to the regulations, the charging termination voltage of the 36V battery is 41.4V, and the highest can not exceed 43.2V, that is, the single battery voltage cannot exceed 2.4V. There is also a constant voltage function in use, thereby increasing the charging voltage and is very disadvantageous to battery life.


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