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What is the cause of short circuit of forklift battery?

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What is the cause of short circuit of forklift battery?There are several aspects due to short circuits for forklift batteries: (1), the quality of the partition is not good or defect, allowing the plate active material to pass through, causing positive, negative plate virtual contact or direct contact. (2), the partition block is connected to the positive and negative plates. (3), the active substance is expanded from the active substance, which causes excessive deposition of the active substance, causing the positive and negative plates to connect to the deposits in the lower edge or side edges of the positive, negative electrode plates. ⑷, the conductive object falls into the battery to be connected to the battery. ⑸, “lead stream” formed when soldering poles do not except, or when assembled, “lead beans” are present between the positive and negative plates, and the damaged separator is damaged during the charging process.


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