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What is the cause of vulcanization of the surface of the electric forklift lead-acid battery

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What is the cause of vulcanization of the surface of the electric forklift lead-acid batteryThe electric forklift lead-acid battery is part of the lead-acid battery category, the opening drytage, accompanied by the increase of time, the lead surface metal is oxidized, vulcanized, and the hardness of lead is getting higher, and the energy savings is getting lower. Such conditions plan unveiled, including vehicles, ship batteries, etc., there are also such conditions, the surface of the electric forklift lead, the surface layer of the electric forklift is touched, the chemical reaction, the vulcanization is the Tianjin battery in the stool Or under the condition of battery charging, long-term placing, the surface layer slowly forms a white material-crude crystal sulfate-coarse crystal of the plate, such crude crystals, sulfate, sulfuric acid formed in discharge. lead.
The radix sulfate is small, and the electrolyte is large, the conductivity is good, easy to merge, the battery is charged very easy to convert recovery; and the crude crystalline sulfate, because its particulate matter is large, the contact area of ​​the electrolyte is correspondingly reduced. The conductivity difference, blocks the polar gap, increase the resistance of the penetration of the electrolyte, thus enhances the resistance in the lead-acid battery in the electric forkle, which is significantly reduced; at the same time because of this crude crystal sulfate is not easy to melt Electrolytic solutions, such as battery charging, this substance does not retreat. The vulcanized electric forklift lead-acid battery is increased by internal resistance, and therefore, when applied such an electric forklift lead-acid battery, electricity is rapidly, and the current voltage is very low. If you use it to start the car engine, there will be a condition that the starter rotation is weak or the rotation of the rotation cannot be rotated. If the vulcanization is quite serious, the Tianjin battery is also difficult to use electricity, and even the pressure is unable to work. 


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