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What is the difference between colloidal batteries and lead-acid batteries?

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What is the difference between colloidal batteries and lead-acid batteries?Colloidal batteries belong to a lead-acid battery, the simplest practice, is to add gelling agents in sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electrohydrate become colloidal state. Electro-hydraulic battery is commonly referred to as a colloidal battery.
In general, the difference between colloidal cells and conventional lead-acid batteries is not only in that the electrohy is changed to gel. For example, non-solidified aqueous colloids, from the electrochemical classification structure and characteristics, the same colloidal battery. It is also possible to adhereto the polymer material in the grid, commonly known as the ceramic grid, can also be considered as a colloidal battery application characteristics. Recently, the laboratory has added a targeted coupling agent in a plate formula, which greatly increases the reaction utilization of the polar active material. According to the non-public information, it indicates that the weight ratio of 70Wh / kg can be more energy, which is At present, industrial practice and application examples of colloidal batteries to be industrialized.

The difference in colloidal cells and conventional lead-acid batteries, which further develop electrolyte gelation to electrochemical properties of electrolyte infrastructure, and application promotion in grid and active substances. Its most important feature is: use a smaller industrial cost, a better battery along the 150-year-old lead-acid battery industry, which is flat, high abutment, more energy than energy, more than power than Conventional lead-acid batteries are more than 20%, and the life is generally more than about a longer than conventional lead-acid batteries. The high temperature and low temperature characteristics are much better.


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