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What should I do if the lead-acid battery leakage?

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What should I do if the lead-acid battery leakage?The maintenance-free lead-acid battery is a lean energy storage battery, which is generally rarely leakage in the normal use. If you find that there is a leak, you must stop using the battery, check the following aspects and how to process:
1. Because the lead-acid battery has sulfuric acid, there is corrosive, so that the bobbin must be wiped clean with the dry cloth.
2. Whether the battery is placed, or invert it. The battery should be placed correctly, and can not be placed or reverse.
3. Whether the sealing glue of the battery falls off. If you fall off, the easiest way is to seal it with a glass gel.

4. The battery has a variant bulging. The battery at this time should stop using to prevent danger.


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