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What should I pay attention to in the lead-acid battery discharge process?

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What should I pay attention to in the lead-acid battery discharge process?Valve-controlled lead-acid battery is also known for maintenance-free battery, and its basic feature is that no additional acid and water maintenance during use, the battery is a sealing structure, no extraacha, nor can no alcohol, the battery cover is provided with one-way exhaust Valve (also called safety valve), tell you what items should be paid attention to in the lead-acid battery discharge process
1. In order to make the battery to reach the electricity, the battery pack should be charged early before the placement point, generally charge 12 hours at 2.35V / monomer, and stands for 12-24 h.
2, you need to check the tightening of all screws, and other set parameters of the battery pack floating total voltage, monomer floating voltage, load current, ambient temperature, and rectifier (or switching power).
3 Open circuit.
4, according to the situation, determine the discharge ratio of the battery pack, generally discharged at 3 hours or 10 hours (3 hour discharge current is 0.25C10, 10 hours discharge current is 0.10 C10), in the false load Select the matching load file to discharge the battery pack.
5. During the discharge process, considering the current table display accuracy in the false load, the discharge current is required to detect the discharge current with the clamp current table, and adjust the fake load according to the actual display of the clamp table, so that the battery pack is discharged. The required discharge current, the like for 5 minutes, start recording the total voltage of the battery pack, monomer voltage, discharge current, ambient temperature, and the temperature of the connecting strip.
6. If it is selected for 10 hours, it should be measured every 1 hour (3 hours), then measure the discharge of the battery of the battery, monomer voltage, discharge current, etc. at the later stage of the discharge, the measurement frequency, The 10-hour rate was measured every 30 minutes after 9 hours; the 3-hour rate was measured every 15 minutes after 2 hours. During the discharge process, the temperature of the ambient temperature, the battery monomer, and the connecting strip should focus on, and there is no abnormal case while the battery pack is the lowest single cell.
7. For newly installed battery packs, the discharge end condition is that the battery pack release capacity reaches the rated capacity requirement or a single unit in the battery pack reaches 1.80 V, and the battery pack that has been online is 43.2V. (48V battery system) is the end of the discharge.
8. For the case of discharge, if the capacity of the battery pack is not reached at the time of the discharge, the battery pack can be processed, and the relevant manufacturers should be processed in time should be processed.
9, the discharge, first let the fake load no load, then disconnect the battery pack and the fake load, connect the battery with the switching power supply, pay attention to the pressure difference between the over-electric battery pack and the rectifier Larger, the fire can be fired when connecting, it is preferable to lower the floating voltage value of the switching power supply, so that the floating voltage value of the switching power supply is as close to the open circuit voltage of the battery pack to reduce the spark.
10. If the discharge condition is normally observed and recorded, if the discharge is not normal, the charging of the battery pack should be monitored to ensure normal charging of the battery.

11, Tools: Pseudo-load, connecting cable, handling tool, pliers current table, multimeter, etc.


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