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Which places are widely used in lead-acid golf batteries

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Which places are widely used in lead-acid golf batteriesThe lead-acid golf cart battery uses a high purity electrolyte, which improves the utilization of the active material, reduces the self-discharge of the battery, the tubular plate technology, superiority is that the active substance during life is maintained in the tube without falling off, low water loss rate To make the battery in less maintenance status; long service life, adequate battery capacity; special lead paste formula, the active material utilization increase, the battery’s large current discharge performance and charging acceptance capacity improve, can be applied to the use requirements of high current impact discharge .
The lead-acid golf car battery is positioned with a jugging technology, which reduces the fallback of the active substance, which is particularly suitable for the repeated recycling of the battery. In the positive and negative electrode plates are insulated by a special microporous plastic separator, in addition, in addition to the negative electrode gate plate, a special film is added to prevent due to charging, and its active substance peam paste is expanded. Sad, resulting in short circuits with the outside world. It is widely used in scenic spots, hotels, large playgrounds, cargo source, government, police patrol car, high-end golf course, real estate electric vehicle. 


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