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Which types are mainly divided into electric forklift batteries

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Which types are mainly divided into electric forklift batteriesElectric forklift batteries are mainly divided into three types of common forklift batteries, dry forklift batteries and non-protected forklift batteries. Ordinary forklift battery: Polar plate of ordinary forklift battery consists of lead and lead, the electrolyte is aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The primary advantage is that the voltage is stable, the price is low; the disadvantage is that the energy is low (ie, the energy stored per kilogram of battery), the service life is short, and the daily protection is frequent.

Dry loaded forklift battery: It is a full name is a dry lead-acid battery. Its main function is that the negative electrode plate has higher energy storage capabilities. When it is bored, it can save the power within two years, when used, It is only necessary to participate in the electrolyte and wait for 20-30 minutes. For forked forklift battery: Due to its structural advantages, the battery is very small due to its structural advantages, and the distilled water is not required on the basis of service life.

It has the characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance, small size, self-discharge. The service life is generally twice the general battery. There are also two types of non-protective batteries in the market: the first is to purchase the electrolyte at once. Another explanation is that the battery itself has been added to the electrolyte and seals when leaving the plant.

Strictly control the quality of the forklift battery order. During battery selection and acquisition, fully understand manufacturers’ production processes, production processes, quality control technology, and skills and characteristics, if necessary, can require manufacturers to test, in order to select a small battery difference. Reasonably select the charging device.

Since the switching power supply has a function of real-time monitoring and intelligent management, the sealing battery can be operated in a good state, so we should choose a high quality switching power source as a charging device. High-frequency switching power supply system, selecting modular planning, module failure, should be able to immediately exit operation, do not affect the normal operation of other modules, the backup module should be able to actively invest, ensure that the battery does not form an excessive discharge due to module failure.

Pay attention to equipment quality. The equipment quality includes storage, equipment, capacity testing, and other aspects, so in the process of transportation, storage should be careful not to hit, pay attention to junction and battery steel pipe pile during the device, and be careful of uniform steel pipe pile. When the pile column is fixed, the force should not be too large. Excessive power will make the copper sleeve buckle in the steel pipe pile over, which will form a busbar and steel pipe pile contact, so good choice of uniform wrenches provided by the equipment manufacturer, or provides kg according to the manufacturer Force, the use of the corresponding kg wrench.

In the device, you should pay attention to the positive electrode, positive electrode, and negative electrode of each battery between the forklift battery and the DC screen, so that the operation balance between the battery pack is maintained when the large battery is amplified. Be sure to supplement the electricity before use. 


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