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Wind power generation system 12V17AH lithium iron phosphate battery material and equipment

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Wind power generation system 12V17AH lithium iron phosphate battery material and equipmentA wide variety of batteries, then which type is the EPS battery? The EPS battery is actually a kind of emergency power supply. It is an integral part of the emergency power system. It is different from different natural features and working principles and other batteries. Next, let’s fully understand what is the EPS battery? What is the advantages and disadvantages and working principles of the EPS battery?


The EPS emergency power system mainly includes a rectifier charger, a battery pack, an inverter, an interpolation device, and a system controller. The inverter is the core, usually using the DSP or single-chip CPU for SPWM modulation control to obtain a good AC waveform output; the role of the rectifier charger is normal when the mains input is normal, and realize the battery pack. Charging; the action of the inverter is to transform the DC power transmission of the battery pack to the transportation output, supply the load device to the load device to ensure the load of the load in the mains and inverter outputs. Successful switching; the system controller performs real-time control over the system and can issue a fault alert signal and the receiving remote linkage control signal, and remote monitoring of the EPS system can be implemented by the host computer by the standard communication interface.
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How many years can the EPS battery?
2. Strengthen supervision and inspection. Combined with the actual situation of each place, conduct supervision and inspection, and notify the law enforcement efforts, and the inclusions that have been weak and the backward production capacity are notified. (3) Quality (The Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau is responsible). 1. Strict production license. Strengthening the distribution management of industrial product production licenses such as steel and cement and other industries, public enterprise certification; strict enterprises apply for the production license compliance review, the company that does not meet the requirements of industrial policies such as backward production capacity equipment (or process), will Not accepting the declaration (renewal) production license application; increase the investigation and punishment of illegal unlicensed production enterprises.
EPS battery life * More than 5 years, especially important loads require regular detection of battery capacity, and then consider whether to replace the battery. For a long time does not replace the battery, the battery usage time may occur, the battery leakage corrosion, the battery drum bag, and even an explosion. So it is recommended that you regularly replace the battery, especially important load periodically detect the capacity of the battery.

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EPS battery works:
Compared with the diesel engine, the EPS power supply has the advantages of non-pollution, fast switching speed, low maintenance costs, and more popular in fire-fighting power users, EPS power supply has also received more and more extensive applications.



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