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Wind power generation system 12V85AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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Wind power generation system 12V85AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersQingdao Intelligent Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a topic presentation entitled “Robot Technology Help Battery New Energy Industry Intelligent” in the ABEC 2019 Forum, sharing the application of robots in different types of lithium batteries, etc. The battery network is selected for its partial wonderful point of view, with readers:

Huizhong – Huizhong brand OPZV tube colloidal battery main components: Polar material 1 # Electrolysis lead, separator is an imported partition for the United States, colloid is German import colloid.

“Industrial robots as intelligent manufacturing, running through every process of industrial manufacturing.” Yu Xiaofeng said that the application of robots in battery new energy electronics industry, the core is five categories: production methods intelligent, service intelligence, management intelligence Chemical, intelligent, product intelligence, use robot intelligent technology to build high-efficiency and energy-saving and environmentally friendly, comfortable intelligent chemical plants to improve the cohesiveness and efficient safety of working conditions.

EPS manufacturers include: Zhejiang Wade, Sanfu, Koiri, Shi Ming, Great Chuang, Jin Hong, Hefei Saier, Hefei, Hefei Chengmeng, Hefei Feng Ying, Hefei Sanchuan, Hefei Huaxing, Fuzhou Fu Xin, Fuzhou Hui On the day, Fuzhou Wanjou, Fujian Top, Quanzhou Guangshi, Quanzhou Quan’an, Xiamen Kaji, Xiamen East CITIC, Xiamen Fushan, Foshan Electric Lighting, Nanjing Anime, Nanjing Fire, Nanjing Guotai Fire, Nantong China Railway Huayu, Nantong Rit, Suzhou Ark, Suzhou Dongchewan, Suzhou Zhenhui, Hebei Gangqiang Power Supply, Langfang is in Sat, Hubei Huizhong Electronics.

The construction of the intelligent factory is less than the coexistence of people and intelligent machines. The intelligent factory is a new stage of the information development of modern factory. Based on the digital chemical plant, the technology and equipment monitoring technology is used to strengthen information management and services, clearly master the production and sales process, improve the controllability of the production process, and reduce production lines Artificial intervention, collect production line data in a timely manner.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Environmental Protection Department on September 7 that in order to implement the rectification of central environmental inspections, the province established the rectification work leading group, the provincial party secretary, and the leader of the leader. The leading group office has trained 13 staff in the provincial and reform committee, provincial landmen, Provincial Environmental Protection, etc., responsible for rectifying task decomposition, supervising implementation, dispatch coordination, and on-site supervision. At present, the province has initially formed “1 + 16 + 16” rectification plan system. Central Environmental Protection Inspector Anhui Province Remembering Work Leading Group is responsible for organizing coordination, overall promotion and supervising implementation, under the comprehensive coordination group (office), rectifying the supervision team, responsible investigation group, information disclosure and promotional team, etc. Composition and job responsibilities.

In addition, design a complete automation production line from smart packaging, clearing dust, finishing, hot sewing, robot palletizing, AGV storage, three-dimensional storage, smart handling cars, etc., building intelligent plants, and realizing industrial upgrading, Not only improves brand competitiveness, but also cater to industrial upgrading to encourage policies, and apply for minimal transformation subsidies from local governments in real time.



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