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Wind power generation system maintenance rules for 12V10AH deep circulation battery

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Wind power generation system maintenance rules for 12V10AH deep circulation battery01 security specification

The UPS uninterruptible power supply is mainly used to protect user equipment or business from economic losses, and its product technology certification mainly has Tel certification, CQC certification, etc. The development of the EPS power supply is from the power grid burst failure. To ensure power security and fire-fighting, it can instantly provide escape lighting and fire emergency, protect users’ lives or body from harm, and its product technology requires fire certification. Supervise, and accept the installation site fire acceptance. The safety specifications applicable to the two are significantly different, so they have different values.

02 performance is preferred

Both the UPS power supply and EPS power supply provide two selection output power supply, the UPS power supply ensures high quality, online UPS selection inverter priority; and the EPS power supply is guaranteed, and everyday use considers energy saving, which is the maintenance of the city. Of course, both are different from the design indicators of the rectifier / charger and the inverter.

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03 different ways

The UPS power supply is in line usage, and the failure can be alarm promptly, and there is a city electricity backup guarantee. The user can promptly obtain the fault and troubleshoot, which will not cause more losses to the accident. The EPS power supply is offline use, and it is * after a supply guarantee, so its reliability design requires higher requirements, and it cannot be simply understood as a backup UPS. Otherwise, the importance of the EPS power is taken. If the EPS is in the mainstay of the market, it is not possible to supply electricity to the battery.

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04 Power supply object is different

The UPS power supply object is a computer and network device, and the load nature (input power factor) is not large, so the national standard specifies the UPS power output function because of 0.8. The EPS power supply object is power security and fire safety. The load nature is sensible, capacitive and rectifier non-linear loads, and its output power factor cannot be set to 0.8 (the EPS national standard will specify its value), and Some loads are only in the market. Therefore, EPS is required to provide a large impact current. The EPS power supply requires a good output dynamic characteristic, and the anti-overload capacity is stronger. Therefore, the technical design indicator assignment of the EPS power supply and the components of the UPS power supply is different.
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