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Wind power generation system uses 1V1800AH deep circulation battery usage

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Wind power generation system uses 1V1800AH deep circulation battery usage3. Lithium-carbon dioxide battery can be fully charged

The energy density of the lithium-carbon dioxide battery is more than 7 times the lithium ion battery, but it is very difficult to develop a version that can repeatedly charge it. This is because during charging, there will be excessive carbon in the battery catalyst.

In September, the Scientist of the Chicago Branch of Illinois reported the solution to the carbon problem, which proves the first lithium-carbon dioxide battery that they are called fully charged.

The battery utilizes a “nanoform” in which molybdenum disulfide in the cathode and a mixed electrolyte composed of ionic liquid and dimethyl sulfoxide, which prevents carbon from being accumulated on the catalyst, and allows the battery at 500 Charging in a continuous cycle.

4. Electrical grid-level energy storage with molten silicon core

Renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy can produce a large amount of power, but it stores this electric power to prepare from time to time, which is required for the uncertainty of weather. As early as in April, Australian Startup CLIMATE CHANGE TECHNOLOGIES (CCT) launched a more effective solution that it believes than standard lithium-ion power grid storage schemes.
EPS manufacturers include: Zhejiang Wade, Sanfu, Koiri, Shi Ming, Great Chuang, Jin Hong, Hefei Saier, Hefei, Hefei Chengmeng, Hefei Feng Ying, Hefei Sanchuan, Hefei Huaxing, Fuzhou Fu Xin, Fuzhou Hui On the day, Fuzhou Wanjou, Fujian Top, Quanzhou Guangshi, Quanzhou Quan’an, Xiamen Kaji, Xiamen East CITIC, Xiamen Fushan, Foshan Electric Lighting, Nanjing Anime, Nanjing Fire, Nanjing Guotai Fire, Nantong China Railway Huayu, Nantong Rit, Suzhou Ark, Suzhou Dongchewan, Suzhou Zhenhui, Hebei Gangqiang Power Supply, Langfang is in Sat, Hubei Huizhong Electronics.
Its thermal energy equipment (TED) is called the world’s first workable thermal cell. It is a modular battery that can feed from any source and use it to melt silicon in the insulating chamber. The heat machine can then extract this energy as needed for use, each TED box can store 1.2 MWH, and each unit can be connected to fabricate a size that may be unrestricted.


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