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Winter battery “is not durable”? How to maintain? Pay attention to these points!

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Winter battery


Today, the car has become an indispensable vehicle in everyday life. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, many new technical facilities are constantly being developed and applied. Therefore, the auxiliary electricity of the car is increasing .

The battery is one of the main power of the car, and its load is increasing. The battery is one of the main power of the car, and its load is increasing.

How long is the life of the car battery?
The battery life of the battery is 27 months. Generally, the new car is more useful, and the battery is used for 3-4 years, but it is generally replaced by no more than 2 years later. The taxi is more expense, and the single shuttle can be used in the past 8-10 months.

How to use and maintain the battery daily?
1, no air conditioning before the vehicle is turned off
Many people don’t get used to air conditioning before the vehicle is turned off, but experts say that this bad habits are also damaged by the battery. In the next start-up vehicle, the automatic start of the engine will cause too high, and the battery load is too high, and the battery is long repeated.


2, do not start the vehicle frequent vehicles
Many owners encountered cars in winter, they will start frequently. But the correct approach should be: Don’t exceed 3 seconds each time you start the engine. If the first startup fails, don’t rush to start repeatedly. From the working principle of the car, the continuous starting motor will definitely cause the battery to be over-discharged. The time interval in the time of launch is more than 5 seconds.


3, do not listen to high power audio when idling
If your car’s audio system is modified, put a high-power audio, then be careful. The maintenance master pointed out that if the sound of idle high-power, the audio of idle speed is also highly loaded, which will seriously fold the battery life.


4, every time you have to open a road
It can’t be placed for a long time. The battery is not open, and the battery will slowly reduce, which will cause difficulties in launching the car. Even if the vehicle is not used, it has to be opened once a few days, allowing the battery to charge, and ensure that the battery is always at full capacity. On the highway for 20-30 minutes on a stable speed, it can be charged for the automotive battery.


5, half a year to check the battery
In order to keep the battery to maintain the best performance, it is best to go to the 4S shop to detect the battery through every half a year to see how power storage capacity. The life of the general battery is around 3 years, and if the maintenance is good, it can be supported for 4 years. But the more you want to shorten the time to check the battery.


When the sky is cold and change season, you must pay attention to maintaining the battery. Due to the low temperature of winter, it is more difficult to start the car, especially because of the smog, the snow is on the road, if the battery is strike, it will make the driving becomes more Snow on snow, so you can not ignore the maintenance of the battery on the battery.


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