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Workshop electric hydraulic forklift battery daily inspection

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Workshop electric hydraulic forklift battery daily inspectionWorkshop electric hydraulic forklift battery daily inspection

1, liquid plane
Lower than rated liquid, will shorten the battery life of the battery, and the electrolyte is too small to cause heat storage, so it must be noted that the electrolyte is sufficient.
2, terminal column, wire, cover
The battery terminal joint must be often checked, and the connection caused by oxidation due to oxidation, while checking whether the lid is deformed due to oxidation.
3, appearance
The battery surface is dirty will cause leakage, which should make the battery surface clean and dry.
Second, maintenance
1, add water
Add distilled water at a specified liquid surface, do not add excessive distilled water to extend the water space interval, and the water is overproduced, resulting in leakage.
2, charging
During the charging process, the battery will generate a gas, and should keep the charging site well, there is no open flame around the charging, and the oxygen generated during the charging process will affect the surroundings.
Exploring the charging plug during charging will generate an arc, and the plug can be unplugged after the charger is closed.
After charging, many hydrogen are left around the battery, and there is no open flame, which should open the cover on the battery for charging.
3, wiring column, wire, cover repair
The professional technicians specified by the manufacturer can be performed.
4, clean
If it is not too dirty, it can be wiped with wet cloth. If it is very dirty, it is necessary to remove the battery from the car and clean it naturally.
Third, keeping
1, storage place
Can’t make it short;
Due to rain, short circuits may produce fires, and may produce a small amount of hydrogen, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated and cool place.
2, waste battery

Waste batteries still have electrical energy, and should be kept in accordance with the battery storage method used.

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