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Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd.was established in 1996, is set research and development, production, sales as the group of lead-acid battery manufacturers which is the high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province;The company mainly produces lead-acid battery products: Starting lead-acid battery, motive-power battery, storage battery, solar battery, gel battery, etc; has imported advanced production equipment and testing instruments from Italy,

Why Geerady Power battery

A Premier Partner

Supporting Your Sustainability Goals

Design and Manufacturing Expertise

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Customer Service

We offer personalized customer service experiences. Our customers benefit from our secure, scalable solutions and are assured that projects will be completed on time.

Prioritized Safety

Our products are designed with our customers and safety top-of-mind for ease of use and reassurance in a superior product.

Superior Technology

KORE Power’s significant investment in R&D ensures our products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

Serving the large fleets of the Fortune 500

We have more than 10,000 batteries deployed throughout North America, and offered the first UL-listed lithium-ion battery pack for material handling equipment. Our strong relationships with OEMs and years of experience provide confidence to Fortune 500 fleets.

Geerady Features of Power Battery:

  1. Relatively maintenance-free.
  2. The spill-proof design
  3. The advanced Lead-Calcium technology
  4. Unique Flame Arrestor ensures greater safety.
  5. Low Maintenance.
  6. Superior Performance
  7. High Reliability
  8. Guaranteed Service Life.
  9. Frequent Cyclic Duty and Superior Cycle Life.
  10. Service Life Comparable with the Best of the International Brands

Tailored battery cooling solutions

The Power Battery product portfolio has an innovative, and unique cooling principle for battery packs. Allowing EV’s to operate at high power output without performance loss.

  • Ready to use and suitable for most applications
  • Flexible design to fit any space
  • Cool batteries at high power output
  • Ideal for high voltage EV applications

We are product.

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries

Li-ion battery chemistries are proprietary to their manufacturers. Predominant chemistries are lithium cobalt oxide, which offers high energy density but can be dangerous if damaged; lithium iron phosphate; lithium ion manganese oxide, and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide. Li-ion battery manufacturers are primarily based in Japan and China. They manufacture Li-ion batteries for consumer and industrial purposes. Most of these companies are partnered with car manufacturers to ensure a supply of Li-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. Factors driving Li-ion innovation are battery life, energy density, safety, cost reduction, and charging speed.

Designed to power longer-range, lower-cost, safer electric vehicles,Designed to be safer,offer higher energy and cost less than lithium-ion.


There are several types of rechargeable storage battery techonologies available including standard flooded, absorbent glass mat (AGM), etc. How batteries are used and how power systems work influence what battery technology is best for you.

Our solution

Solid Power’s Sulfide-Based Solid Electrolytes

Powering Solid Power’s platform technology

Solid Power’s all-solid-state batteries remove the flammable liquid electrolyte and polymer separator layer in a traditional lithium-ion battery and replace it with a solid layer. This thin, solid layer acts as a barrier to keep the anode and cathode from touching one another, which would short the battery. It also acts as a conductive electrolyte.

Solid Power’s sulfide-based solid electrolyte is the key ingredient that powers Solid Power’s All-Solid-State Battery Platform technology. Solid Power’s electrolytes offer the best combination of conductivity (the ability to move ions back and forth quickly), manufacturability and cell-level performance.

Custom Battery Packs

Portable Power Solutions from Design to Delivery for Over 23 Years

Since 1999, Custom Power has been designing and assembling custom battery solutions. We provide battery pack assemblies in all chemistries and for all electronic applications, all built to match our customers’ unique requirements. From medical devices and military equipment to emergency lighting systems and many industrial applications, we can design and manufacture the perfect portable power solution for your needs.

Request a quote on custom battery packs and assemblies, or contact Custom Power to learn more.

High-Performance Custom Battery Systems

We are industry leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of custom battery systems, with a focus on lithium battery packs. Our portable energy solutions optimize performance, size, working life, and cost, giving our customers a unique competitive edge.

We are one of the United States’ largest authorized custom battery pack assemblers, serving some of the most recognized battery manufacturers in the industry. Our excellence and expertise are second to none.

We provide:

Design and assembly for all battery chemistries

Battery assembly in the US, Mexico, and Asia

UN, UL & IEC testing and certification

Large engineering department and testing lab

State-of-the-art 36,000 ft2 production facility

Custom Power is an ISO 9001 certified, and an ITAR registered company.

For custom battery pack design, custom battery packs, lithium batteries, rechargeable battery assemblies, and more, look no further than Custom Power. Request a quote or contact us for the portable power solution you need.

The most advanced

Solid Power produces the most advanced known solid electrolytes. Only Solid Power develops and produces sulfide-based solid electrolytes at pilot scale and tests in large format cells produced on a scalable production line.

Solid Power’s current electrolyte and future R&D chemistry is designed to outperform competing sulfides.

Solid Power’s core sulfide-based solid electrolyte technology uses earth-abundant materials. We expect to scale electrolyte production to power 800,000 electrified vehicles using our all-solid-state battery cells annually by 2028.




ISO 9001

IATF 16949



Our steadfast commitment to quality and environmental standards has helped us achieve globally recognized certifications.


East Penn has always been committed to taking actions that protect the health, safety, and vitality of our environment, our employees, and the surrounding community.


Q: Who is the biggest manufacturer of power batteries?
Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating battery power innovation research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services. The company focuses on the production, manufacture and sales of washing machine batteries forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, marine/marine lithium batteries AGV&AMR lithium batteries, portable mobile power, other electric vehicle batteries, battery accessories, battery packs.

The company has always been adhering to the business service concept of all for the sake of customers, providing customers with the best quality products, and looking forward to the inquiry of new and old customers.cture of battery.
Q: Who is the best power battery manufacturer?

A:Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd., with the operation mode of integrating Internet plus resources, focus on one-stop electronic components procurement, electronic components one-stop service, genuine products.

Q: Which power battery is best in world?
A:Geerady power battery.

Q: Who is the largest manufacturer of lithium batteries in the US?
A:Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd is a well-known new high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen since 1999, we are mainly engaged in the development, production, and marketing of OEM automotive components, Custom Injection plastic and stamping metal parts, and electronic connectors.

Until the end of 2020, our total investment capital is almost USD10 million, covering an area of up to 10 thousand square meters, and employ over 170 staff. Geerady has attained ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certifications and achieved fully automatic production in precision injection, insert-molding, stamping, and assembly services from 2006.

To offer high precision products and high productivity, our many facilities are introduced aboard such as the Sodick slow-feeding NC wire-cut machine, Kyori and Yamada Punch, Fanuc injection machines, and so on. Meanwhile, we regard the high technical capabilities then employ experienced technical and management personnel for sophisticated technology and superior quality. Besides, Geerady has built up an independent testing laboratory at home that can quickly finish the testing of environmental, electric, mechanical, salt spray, and others.

Through the strong equipment base and experienced technical support, Geerady establishes a long-term cooperation relationship with many world-famous companies and becomes their Tier 1 supplier. Geerady always insists on offering high-quality automotive components, injection and stamping parts, and electronic connectors, look forward to working together with you for mutual development and benefits in the coming future.

Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM lithium battery orders?
A: Yes ,we accept OEM/ODM lithium battery orders.We are factory and OEM/ODM order is welcome. Therefore please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any ideas.

Q: I can’t find any models fit for our products. What do I do?
A: Every week we make some new models but don’t update in time. Please send us the dimension range (length x width x thickness)and capacity. We will check the ones haven’t been showed online. Besides we can provide you customized battery.

Q: I would like to get good prices. What can I do?
A: Please send us a inquiry and show us your interested models & quantity.