About Geerady
About Geerady
Lithium Battery
about Geerady We are Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd is specialized in lithium battery energy storage system,commercial and domestic photo voltaic power generation project of new energy, located in Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China...
Commercial installation Commercial installation
Commercial installation

EmbeddedBMSoffersfouiremotefunctionswhichcancommunicatewithfar-endcentralcontrol centerbycomputermanagement. ThecombinationofBMS andcompute...

Strong production strength

More than ten years of industry experience, with automatic production equipment and testing equipment, set research and development, production, sales as one of the strength of lithium battery manufacturers.

Product safety and reliability

Strictly control, layer upon layer check, from the selection of electric core components began to carry out a comprehensive safety test, quality stability is guaranteed, delivery pass rate 99%.

Research and development strength

Senior R & D design master, strong development and innovation ability, can meet the needs of different customers.

Good service efficiency

Has a perfect after-sales service team, 7*24 hours of intimate service, on time delivery, quick response, let you enjoy the intimate housekeeper service.

The product quality has the certification, the service is meticulous high efficiency01/ 04
The product quality has the certification, the service is meticulous high efficiency

The previous cooperation with Geerady Lithium Electronics on several lithium battery protection plate projects went smoothly. We were deeply...

Design scheme of POS smart battery02/ 04
Design scheme of POS smart battery

In recent years, due to the rapid development of lithium batteries, many portable products use voltage measurement to estimate the battery r...

Case of standby power supply for medical infusion pump03/ 04
Case of standby power supply for medical infusion pump

Geerady's polymer lithium battery is used as the standby lithium battery for medical infusion pump in our hospital. The new intelligent infu...

High quality and high efficiency, can be customized04/ 04
High quality and high efficiency, can be customized

The first time we cooperated with Geerady Lithium Electronics Co., Ltd. was because we had a batch of products with short delivery time and ...

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