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14 lead battery companies in Jinhua City were eliminated

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14 lead battery companies in Jinhua City were eliminatedIt is understood that these companies involve cement, printing and dyeing, lead storage batteries. This year, Jinhua City’s planning task is: 12 cement enterprises, 5 printing and dyeing enterprises, 14 lead battery companies, 34 clay brick kiln production enterprises, a total of 65 companies. Cement companies will eliminate 21 grinders, printing and dyeing enterprises will eliminate 57 (sets) backward equipment, lead battery companies will eliminate 382 (sets, bar) production equipment and production lines. The total elimination of cement production capacity is 2.5 million tons, and the printing and dyeing capacity will be 1.73 billion meters. The lead battery production capacity is 197.448 million yuan, and 34 seats in the clay brick kiln (clay brick kiln is removed before December).

According to reports, last year Jinhua City has eliminated 4.7 million tons of cement backward production capacity, involving 17 cement enterprises, 5 clay brick production enterprises, a total of 22 companies; 50 mill grinding machines, 5 seats to Paste Tiles, For the transformation and upgrading of Jinhua City Industrial Enterprises, reasonable use of resource energy to spathe.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee said that the elimination of backward production is not equivalent to shutting down the company, but a partial capacity in the elimination of enterprises, more companies take this equipment update, technology improvement, structural adjustment, and implement transformation and upgrading. 


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