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54 items of electric forklift safety driving training

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54 items of electric forklift safety driving trainingBefore using the forklift, you must train 54 safety driving training guidelines for the electric forklift safety driving.

1. The forklift must be operated after training and authorization.

2, in the work area close to the forklift, it is best to wear labor insurance.

3. Driving forklift must be a seat belt.

4. Don’t reach out of your car without sticking out of your car. You only have two hands and feet, so pay special attention.

5. Between the door frame, it cannot be placed in hand.

6, the forklift cannot be used as a lifting staff. This practice is very dangerous.

7, don’t overload! If the goods are overweight, please change the forklift for a larger tonnage.

8. The position and weight of the fork should have a good balance.

9. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the fork or go under the fork.

10. Do not fork any unstable goods set.

11. Confirm that the goods on the tray are relaxed, there is a relaxation that requires stable and safely bundled goods to facilitate the handling and stack.

12, the fork is as wide as possible. Under the premise of ensuring that the fork is convenient, the fork is wide, which can guarantee the stability of the trunk of the truck.

13. Plit in front of the door frame, it is not possible to lift the cargo goods. When the raised goods are put down the stock, they can til.

14. When loading the cargo driving, the closer, the closer, the closer to the ground, the better, in normal case, about the ground from 100 to 150 mm. Do not raise the fork to exceed the specified ground height, take the goods.

15. If the goods are blocked, please drive!!

16, safely stop the truck, determine the following points before leaving the forklift: Do not block the fire passage and safety exit, the fork is completely reduced, turn off the motor, pull the brake, take the fork car key, Unless otherwise required by the insurance company regulations.

17. If you hear noise or see that the forklift has a leak, or feels any unsafe factor, please notify the supervisor immediately.

18. Don’t take other people, unless the truck is left with a special seat.

19. Learning and complying against the company’s internal management regulations management regulations.

20, after drunken or drunk or take some drugs that may have an effect on safe operation for forklift, please do not drive for a forklift.

21. When the fork is on, it is necessary to focus on the side of the eye. In the driving, you can’t feel the horse, you have to pay attention to driving.

22. It is forbidden to play the truck.

23, can touch the tip of the fork tips, where to pay more attention to the places of the workbench, store, or any fixed object, or someone else, should pay more attention. At the same time, the fork will often be forwarded to the fork.

24. In one work space, the forklift should be written authorized by the employer or supervisor.

25. Driving a forklift on the road on the road, you at least B photo. (Depending on the country or government government government government).

26. At the corner that will be blocked from the sight, slow down speed and warn the people around the speaker.

27, the slippery road is slowed down.

28. Do not receive the manufacturer or factory unprecedented manufacturer or manufacturer to allow the supplier to replace parts or replace it with the non-original components.

29. In order to avoid accidents, it should be kept clean.

30, as obliquely as possible and slow through the railway through the railway track and large floor seams and other similar disorders.

31. If you encounter a rollover accident, the double hands will take the steering wheel, don’t hip the car, so as not to happen.

32. At any time, you can pay attention to the distance between the door frame. Pay attention to the voids on both sides, pay attention to both sides of the gap, travel in the middle of the road when carrying a wide cargo. At the same time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the operators outside the passage, there is no other non-coherent person.

33. Pay attention to the swing of the tail of the vehicle in a narrow channel and place.

34. Avoid manpower to move overload, so as not to be injured, please use a forklift and other handling equipment.

35. Avoid fatigue driving, should arrange reasonable rest time in the work.

36. According to the individual needs to adjust the seat, the steering wheel and the like make people feel comfortable.

37. If you work in a very noisy environment, it is best to use your headphones or earplugs to protect your hearing.

38. Before operating the forklift, check the nameplate and load map of the forklift before operating the forklift, find the maximum weight of the truck and maximum load weight at a certain height.

39. Find out the impact of the load center of the forklift. And noticed the changes in the load center in the operating forklift.

40. Pay attention to the height of the forklift will affect the stability of the forklift. When driving, reduce the fork to the lowest position.

41. Clear how to drive on the slope: the front-shift forklift and balance of the trucks, whether it is uphill or downhill, is a cargo face. No truncation forklift forklift and balance the heavy car, whether it is uphill or downhill, is the fork.

42, don’t turn around in the slope.

43. Do not use a defective or damaged tray, be careful to take the tray correctly, and place the tray correctly.

44. When transporting forklifts, you must figure out the total weight of the truck: check the ground status of the car compartment. The truck wheel is fixed when the truck is up and down. The height of the truck carriage is higher than the front door shelf.

45. Handling dangerous goods requires special training.

46, clear the meaning of danger identification. These logos will let you understand the risk of these goods.

47. See related dangerous goods transportation regulations and understand which protective measures need to be taken in transporting the dangerous goods.

48. If there is an accident, please call the alarm phone immediately.

49. Check the forklift status before working every day. Especially if the brake is sensitive.

50, maintain the forklift, keep the fork of a good working condition – this is the responsibility of the forklift driver.

51. Maintain a battery, often charge insufficient charging will shorten battery life.

52. According to the charging requirements, charge it according to charging requirements.

53. When maintaining a maintenance battery, bring your eyes and gloves.

54. When unplugging the charging line, turn off the charger power. 


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