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About the maintenance of the car battery you don’t know

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About the maintenance of the car battery you don't knowFirst, the automotive battery and automotive battery are fully charged under normal conditions, and the engine is generally used as the driving force of the whole car in the process of automobiles, so it does not need to take the electricity in the battery. So many people ask for maintenance car battery needs to be charged? The answer is negative, there are many cars to automatically charge the automotive battery during driving.
Second, in some cases we have discovered that the car battery has no electricity, then what should I do this? The general battery has no electricity to express it as a car started, after you check the power generation and electronic voltage regulator, you can determine if you don’t have a problem, then you can determine that the battery is not electricity, then let’s let The generator charges the battery.

So do you really maintain the car battery really don’t need to be maintained? In fact, it is not, its service life is only about two years, so if we don’t pay attention to maintenance, the battery is still very prone to problems. So we usually stop cars on the side of the road for a long time, and it is very unsuitable to open the air conditioners and radios in the car without starting the engine. In fact, as long as you usually maintain properly, it is also possible to extend the service life of the automotive battery. This is a good thing for cars and owners.

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