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About the use of electric forklift lead-acid battery

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About the use of electric forklift lead-acid batteryThe electric forklift is highly required, and improper use will shorten the service life of the battery. Therefore, the battery is properly used, and the Bellest storage reminds the majority of users. The precautions are as follows:
1. Charge:
Charging work is a very important part of the daily maintenance of batteries. The charging work is not timely, and it will seriously shorten the battery life of the battery.
(1) Since the electrolyte temperature will increase by about 10 ¡ã C during charging, it is necessary to ensure that the battery electrolyte temperature is below 45 ¡ã C before charging, otherwise it is necessary to cool down;
(2) After the forklift is used, it should be supplemented in time. When the battery is not discharged, the 80% discharge battery charging time should be guaranteed to be used in 8-10 hours, so that the battery must be filled with full charge, otherwise it will It can cause the battery polar plate to be damaged and shorten the battery life.
(3) If it is manually set up charge, it is necessary to set according to battery capacity and the actual situation of the battery, prevent excess charging;
(4) The forklift cover is required during the charging process so that heat dissipation and exhaust when the battery is charged;
(5) There is a certain interval between the battery in the charging area, and there is a good ventilation condition to eliminate various forms of fire sources, cables, cables, and connecting strips in the lifetime, and when they are used. The plug must be connected in place, and do not unplug the plug at the air inlet of the battery, or the hydrogen explosion will be caused by open fire or electrostatic spark;
(6) After the battery is filled, it should be put into use after 1 hour;
(7) The battery needs to be balanced for every half a month to one month, and the battery that is not available for a long time, please charge a monthly charge.
2. maintain:
(1) The battery needs to be hydrated in time after the battery is used, and the hydrating level should be within the specified range, and then press the water before charging (but must always ensure that the electrolytic liquid surface is not a polar plate)
(2) Hydrating should be supplemented with distilled water or deionized water, and other substances should not be added to prevent internal discharge of the battery;
(3) Common tools for hydrating the battery are: mass cup, simple plus water barrel, water supply, etc. For the battery hydrating, the use of metal vessels, generally use plastic containers.
(4) The frequency of hydrating is generally related to the battery, the frequency of charging, and the temperature of temperature;
(5) If the battery is usually hydrated, the gas is generated when charging, causing the electrolyte overflowing the monomer, resulting in a leakage of the surface of the battery, and the corrosion of the connecting strip and the battery capacity are lowered, so it should be regularly cleaned to avoid loss. ;
(6) If the battery is often lack of water, the liquid level will expose the lead bridge, the plate, thereby being oxidized, resulting in deterioration of the plate; and only the lower half of the plate and the electrolyte reaction, thereby causing capacity Decline; as the decline in the liquid can cause the battery to charge, the temperature rise is high in use, so it is greatly shortening the battery life.
3. clean:
(1) The surface of the battery should be kept clean to prevent the battery surface from residual electrolytes from producing leakage.
(2) The bottomless liquid hole battery should be selected, you need to use a wet rag, avoid using dry rag, chicken dust, etc.
4. use:
(1) The battery discharge depth cannot exceed 80% of the battery nominal capacity (there is shown on the forklift display) to prevent shortening the battery life;
(2) If the battery is too high during use (greater than 55 ¡ã C), stop using and properly cool the battery;
(3) Two or more main actions in the forklift work (such as advanced and lifting fork) do not perform at the same time, prevent large current discharge, shorten battery usage;
(4) Do not overturn or have a serious impact during the battery use, otherwise it will affect the performance of the plate;
5. Other considerations:
(1) Please do not pull the cable when pulling the battery plug, prevent the interior copper wire inside the plug terminal from being naked evenly;
(2) Please keep the battery’s nipple dose and clean to prevent debris from entering the unit to affect battery performance;
(3) Each month should check whether each connecting component (such as cable terminals, connecting lines, plugs, sockets, etc.) is tightened, whether there is metal bare situation and whether external insulating parts are missing, once there is a relevant situation, it is timely handling;
(4) Damage due to long-term use of the accessories, should be replaced in time;

(5) Do not use the wiring clip or the like to connect the battery;

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