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Advantages and disadvantages of battery forklift

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Advantages and disadvantages of battery forkliftMost of the battery forklift is used as a power. This forklift battery is subsequently maintained. It is not consistent with the service life, but the price is low. In the public consumption, the general enterprises can bear, the battery forklift uses a DC (DC) string Excited electric motor, its mechanical characteristics can meet the work requirements of the low-speed large torque required for the forklift. With the development of communication (AC) technology, and after the support of the controller is improved, the use of the AC motor has gradually increased, and the AC motor is more convenient to use the DC motor. The disadvantage is that the cost relative DC motor is high. In addition, other advantages of the battery forklift is: simple manipulation, easy to repair, smooth and noise, no exhaust gas, no pollution air, low operating cost, long service life. The disadvantage is that the charging chamber and charging equipment are required, the charging time is long, high on the road surface requirements, due to the limitations of battery capacity, small motor power, low climbing ability, slow operation, high investment, small weight In short, the battery forklift replacement parts is also the forklift battery pack, and maintenance is the main factor in determining its cost.

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