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AGV balanced car 2V1200AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and price

AGV balanced car 2V1200AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and priceEPS is the application development of UPS

In the European and American advanced countries, due to the power supply and power supply, the power supply is sufficient, the power supply is good, and the electricity network is used, it will not cause grid pollution on the power grid, interfere with each other. Therefore, many fields are not recommended to use dual-inverter online UPS, but recommend UPS in power saving ECO (ECONOMY Control Operation), usually by the main supply load, when the main electricity is abnormal, then battery battery Power supply by inverter inverter output. In Europe, this type of UPS with energy-saving working state is called CPS (Center Power Supply), the reason why it is widely used is: the online UPS of the double inverter mode is normal, and its AC → DC → AC energy conversion is in the main market. The efficiency is approximately 90%, while the UPS (CPS, EPS) in the energy-saving operation is normal, and its energy conversion efficiency is as high as 99%, and the usage rate of electricity is more than 99.9%, that is, only 0.01%. The shutdown machine, so the energy saving effect is very significant using CPS (EPS). At the same time, the inverter of the EPS is in the start-up state, but does not output power, similar to sleep, EPS inverter continuous output power can be greatly extended than the UPS inverter. In fact, the high-end products of EPS are UPS in sleep. In the normal electricity, EPS is not as high as the UPS, but today, in today's electricity, it can meet most of the electric equipment requirements. Therefore, people care about the eternal theme and high reliability, most of the case is better than UPS. If the grid quality is good, the power supply is reliable, the electrical equipment is used, and it is possible to replace the double-inverter online UPS with EPS in many occasions in my country, instead of using UPS instead of EPS. Of course, in some very critical equipment, you still need double inverter online UPS.

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