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All-electric heap high car use precautions and operating procedures

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All-electric heap high car use precautions and operating proceduresOperating procedures

1. Maintain an appropriate startup speed during startup, should not be too fierce.

2, pay attention to observe the voltage of the voltage meter. If it is below the restriction voltage, the forklift should immediately stop running.

3. Forklifts During the walking process, the direction of travel is not allowed to change the direction of travel to prevent bad bad electrical components and damage to the gear.

4, driving and improvement should not be carried out.

5. Pay attention to the drive system, whether the sound of the steering system is normal, and the abnormal sound should be done in time to troubleshoot, strictly forbidden to work.

6. Early slower in advance during transition.

7. When homework in a poor road, it is important to reduce and reduce the speed of travel.


1. You must understand the weight of the goods before the lifting, and the goods must not exceed the rated weight of the forklift.

2, when lifting the package goods should pay attention to whether the goods are secure.

3, according to the size of the cargo, adjust the fork spacing, so that the goods are evenly distributed between the two forks to avoid biasing.

4. When the cargo is inserted into the stock, the door frame should be poured forward. After the goods are loaded into the fork, the door frame should be tilted, so that the cargo is close to the fork, and the goods will be reduced as much as possible, and then drive.

5. Generally, it should generally be perpendicular to the vertical position when lifting cargo.

6. When performing artificial loading, a hand must be used to stabilize the fork.

7, walking and lifting do not allow simultaneous operation.

8. When carrying the goods in the big trend, pay attention to the firmness of the goods on the fork.

Battery maintenance

The maintenance-free battery can also be supplemented, and the charging method is basically the same as the charging method of the ordinary battery. Each single-grid voltage should be limited to 2.3-2.4 V during charging. Note that charging will charge more water using conventional charging methods, and charging current should be slightly smaller (5a). Fast charging cannot be made, otherwise, the battery may explode, resulting in hurt. When the specific gravity of the battery is maintained, it is displayed as pale yellow or red, indicating that the battery is close to the scrap, even if it is recharged, the service life is not long. At this time, the charging can only be used as an emergency weight.

When there is condition, the maintenance-free battery can be charged with a charging device with current-voltage characteristics. The device guarantees sufficient electricity and avoids more water to consume more water.

The correct use and maintenance of the battery mainly have the following 7 points:

1. Check if the fixed bolts on the bracket are tightened, and the installation is not securely caused by driving vibration. Also do not place the metal on the battery to prevent short-circuit.

2, often view whether the pole column and the terminal connection are reliable. To prevent wiring column oxidation can be applied to protectants such as Vaseline.

3, not available to directly fire (short circuit test) to check that the battery will damage the battery.

4, ordinary lead-acid batteries should pay attention to regular addition of distilled water. The dry-load battery is preferably charged before use. As for the water-free maintenance-free battery, it is not necessary to maintain properly viewing the necessary distilled water to help extend the service life.

5, the air hole on the battery cover should be smooth. The battery generates a large amount of bubbles when charging If the vent hole is blocked, the gas cannot escape when the pressure is increased to a certain degree, resulting in a battery housing frying.

6. There is a yellowish paste that often has yellow white paste around the battery pole column and covered, because sulfate is caused by the corps, a line card, a mount or the like. The resistance of these substances is very large, and it should be cleared in time.

7. When it is necessary to use two batteries in series, the capacity of the battery is preferably equal. Otherwise it will affect the battery life of the battery.

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