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Analysis of common faults and temperatures for forklift transmission

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Analysis of common faults and temperatures for forklift transmission1. The session of the onset of the forklift transmission is abnormal. It is mainly because the bearing mill is abundant and the noise caused by abnormal engagement between the gears. When the ferrous bearing wear or the bearing outer ring cooperates with the transmission housing, the bearing is damaged when the bearing is damaged. When the gear is worn, the mesh is increased, or the transmission part deformed forming the gear meshing is uneven, and uniform noise, and increases with the speed of the speed. If there is a rule, the wheel is broken, and the forklift repair should be carried out immediately.

2. Transmission jump gear. The transmission jump gear is that the driver is slightly accelerated when traveling, and the shift lever jumps back to the idle gear and the slip gear is disengaged. Mainly because gear wheel teeth are worn into a cone; the positioning equipment is gradually decreasing; the variable speed struts are severely worn; the axial voids are too large, and the bearing wear is loose, so that the gear The lack of meshing orientation will cause the jumping gear.

3. Transmission. Transmission messages are gear positions that the transmission hangs are not required. It is mainly due to the severe wear of the slot or shift lever on the slot or shift lever on the slot or shift lever on the shift lever, and cannot correct the chaos.

4. Tudo. The transmission shud rod is that the transmission is hung in a certain gear, and the shift lever is constantly jumping to increase the possibility of “jumping”. Mainly because the variable speed and the gear loop are not straight, and there is no gap between the two cooperation. Thus, when the gear scrolls, the changeable speed fork and the gear loop tank form a shift lever. The key to the shaft and the shaft is wear, radial, and axial voids, and cause the shift lever of the shift lever. The positioning ball and the shell hole gap are too large. When the transmission works, the positioning ball will move with the changeable speed fork, and cause the front and rear tremor of the shift lever.

5. The transmission is difficult. The shift lever cannot be hung in the gear, or it is difficult to retreat after being hung up. It is mainly because the shift fork is twisted, the end is grim, and the wear and deformation of each active machine, which causes an abnormality between each other, so that the gear movement resistance increases and meshes.

6. Forklift transmission oil, the wear, hardening and loss of elasticity, the crack of the transmission housing and the loose bolt, will cause the transmission oil. 


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