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Analysis of current changes in battery short circuit

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Analysis of current changes in battery short circuitAnalysis of current changes in battery short circuit

Analysis of current changes in battery short circuit: Produce battery on half mechanized equipment line, sample 50 sections per model or number, first measure open circuit voltage and short circuit current. Measurement V-opened 4-digit digital voltmeter. Measuring ISC with 0.2 or 0.5 DC current table. Battery room temperature shelves, room temperature measurement. Experimental results after the LR6 battery sealing, sample, first measurement over 6 hours. LR03 battery is sealed at 5 o’clock in the same day, measured the next morning at 8 am. Place 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years later. Experimental conclusions a. ISC decreased quickly in the first week, LR6 decreased by 4A, LR03 decreased 2A. Continued decline in the next, one month reached a stable value LR6 10A, LR03 is 7.5A. Further put it further In the 1 year, ISC has not changed, and then puts it for 3 years, and it is very few. b. Positive spot powder is too short, the initial battery V is large, the difference between ISC is slightly larger. As the battery is put, the V is basically comparable to the battery of the ISC and the positive spot powder. c. Although the ISC of each battery is large, the ISC average of No. 1 and 2 is quite consistent. Use the ISC average as one of the parameters of the battery assembly process and the process of the process, there is a reference value. d. In order to understand the battery manufacturing situation, the ISC of the battery should be measured on the second day after the sealing, and each enterprise should formulate the requirements of the ISC value at this time, not only the average value, the minimum value should also be controlled. Each company measures each battery V-open and ISC value before the shipping package market is available. At this time, the ISC value is controlled in the whom must be determined by the time and temperature placed after the seal. In order to avoid entanglement due to the decline in ISC during the inspection.

Battery delivery acceptance or purchase battery is generally carried out at room temperature. Therefore, the above data is measured in a normal temperature environment. Data from November 24, 1997 is related to the low level of room temperature. Some fluctuations in the data each test. But the entire trend is consistent. The battery capacity depends on the total internal resistance of the battery (R8, RF, RW). The voltage and current relationship of the battery cannot be represented by a unified formula. For example, the active internal resistance is logarithmic relationship. ISC only indicates the battery R8 in an instant. R8 is also changing over time. Therefore, the size of the ISC does not indicate the size of the battery capacity. The ISC is large and the capacity is very poor, and the time for the BP machine is often met. IEC and national standard have canceled ISC standards. Why is ISC to drop a lot within 1 month: 1 Node ring absorbed in contact resistance increases; the zinc oxide in the negative electrolyte (actually zinc acid ion) diffuses the positive electrode. The decrease in ISC is related to battery storage performance. The value of the above ISC is not the best after 1 year, and the LR61418A, LR03811A can be reached, and it is a mercury-free battery. The mercury-free battery is lower than the mercury battery ISC in the same case of conditions. Need to change the negative formula and improve the positive. Accurate measurement of ISC is difficult, requiring the measurement loop resistance very small.

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