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Analysis of lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries

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Analysis of lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteriesSome people are now more keen on colloidal batteries. I have some views on colloidal batteries. It is not to say that the colloidal battery is good, and the production technology of colloidal batteries is not very mature, there are still many The technical problem is not as follows of lead-acid batteries, many large enterprises are focusing on pollution research with lead-acid batteries, and strive to reduce lead-acid batteries to zero pollution.

. 1. The battery heat dissipation is lower than that of the normal battery, which is prone to thermal out of control on a closed battery.
2. The difficulty of irrigation is large, especially for the closed battery, often affects the quality due to the adequateness of the rubber.
3. Can capacity improved compared to ordinary electrolyte batteries? I have a skeptical attitude, because I have went so many companies, the result is the highest level, most capacity is declined.
It can be said that it is the existence of these shortcomings, in order, the promotion of colloidal batteries has encountered a greater resistance in the process of colloidal cells.
4. Due to the colloid fill in the navigation, the weight is reduced by weight.

The evaluation is more objective. For colloidal battery capacity, it will definitely decline.

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