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Analysis of the AC inverter motor of electric forklift

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Analysis of the AC inverter motor of electric forkliftUnder energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, safety, with the guidance of my country’s logistics technology, especially the promotion and application of warehousing logistics, electric forklifts for the important equipment of warehousing logistics have been rapidly developed in recent years. On the other hand, from the perspective of ecological environmental protection, the electric forklift is more popular with light industry, food, medicine, military, warehousing and other industries. Therefore, the electric forklift will develop rapidly in the country in the future, expand its proportion in the total amount of forklifts. The driving of the electric forklift has passed the DC motor, and has experienced several decades of truncation to him. With the successful launch of the low voltage and large current vehicle AC frequency conversion controller, and the introduction of domestic series of AC frequency converter motor, the electric forklift is used to use AC inverter motor drivers to the foundation. The advantage of using an AC inverter drive system is very obvious. First, constant torque control can be achieved at low speed at low speed, high speed control, so that the forklift is better than the performance of the forklift, the line operation and the climination. Secondly, the control system has implemented closed-loop control, expands the function, including regenerative braking, energy recovery, different acceleration performance settings, advancement and retreating different speed settings, and ramp defensive decline, etc. The third is to achieve electric control, maintenance of the motor, improve the reliability of use, and also reduces the cost of use of the forklift.

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