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Analysis of the cause of the battery

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Analysis of the cause of the batteryBattery drum

1, the ventilation hole clogging

If the vent hole is blocked or not unbelful in the battery pack, the gas generated in the case of too long or the prevalent of the charging voltage will gradually accumulate, resulting in a larger pressure in the battery case, and finally leads to the battery tumble.

2, the charging time is too long
As mentioned above, a large amount of gas is generated when the battery charging current is too large or the charging time is too long. In addition, the current is too large or the charging time is too long, causing the electrolyte temperature rapidly, and this is easily caused by the battery tumble.

3, the battery polar plate is vulcanized

If the polar plate of the battery is vulcanized, the single voltage and electrolyte temperature will rise rapidly during charging, and the bubble is generated earlier, and the reaction is dramatic, it is easy to cause the battery to rise at this time.

4, continuous start starting motor time too long
When the motor is started, the battery is to provide a large current to the motor in a short period of time, while the large boot current will inevitably cause dramatic chemical reactions in the internal storage of the battery, and will accompany the gas production, when the motor continuous use time Long, it will increase the generation of gas, which increases the possibility of battery fractise.

5, battery internal plate ear and pole column and bus welding are not strong

When the end of the battery internal plate is not strong, if the high current discharges, the welding is caused by excessive or contact failure, which will cause spark, putting the battery The resulting hydroxide mixed gas is ignited, resulting in a battery explosion.

6, the electrolytic solution is good
If the viscosity of the electrolytic solution is large, it is easy to cause a slow speed of the penetrating plate pore, and the internal resistance is increased, so that the voltage drop in the inner block in the discharge increases. This will cause the electrolyte temperature to rise rapidly, and generate a large amount of gas, so that the gas pressure inside the battery increases, resulting in a battery drum.

7, the amount of electrolytic liquid is too small

I believe everyone knows that the battery will cause the electrolyte or distilled water after using a period of time. After the reduction of the electrolyte, the charging overcharging will occur, and it will even cause an explosion.

8, charger damage

When the charger is corrupted on the engine, the current or voltage may be slightly smaller, which is likely to cause a dramatic reaction in the battery, resulting in a large number of gases, but also causes the battery to tall.

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