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Analysis of the durability of electric reactors

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Analysis of the durability of electric reactorsThe electric push-a-electric motor is a storage device that is powered by battery power as energy sources. The main structures include: battery, motor, hydraulic pump, cylinder, piston rod, fork, chain, controller, etc. Its main function is to improve heavy objects to the desired height. Generally used in a place where the warehouse, workshop, and the like require logistics handling, with the tray, can greatly improve the efficiency of the warehouse.

The body is firm: the fork leg is transmitted to the body, the welding length is 35mm, and it is not deformable. By widening the body, the vehicle body space is large, the motor harness and the control harness are better arranged, and the possibility of harness wear and disconnection is reduced. Active shock absorption: use damping shock absorbing spring without frequent adjustment, can actively adjust the force distribution of the drive wheel and the balance wheel according to the road surface condition, and achieve smooth operation. The carrier uses four rounds of structure, and increases 10mm on the original riser, and the gorgeous side of the winding is greatly strengthened. The 24V210AH battery produced by electric cars manufacturers meets the requirements of single work hours. The vertical drive unit, the stacker of the filling gear oil, which is beneficial to heat dissipation, efficient operation, effectively prevent the overheating phenomenon of electric machine from operating for a long time.

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