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Analysis of the performance of electric forklift battery

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Analysis of the performance of electric forklift batteryThe electric forklift battery is developed with high-purity lead materials. Its advantage is that the high current discharge performance is good, the price is low, the resources are abundant, the battery recovery is high, and the logistics field is widely used, with H2 and O2 or methanol as a fuel. Directly converted to electric energy as vehicle power, negative electrode addition conductive carbon black and graphite can effectively solve negative electrode sulfate in PSoC state, combined with carefully designed air chamber and with flower basket liquid porosity, effectively prevent the acid leakage; positive The alloy formulation of the skeleton alloy application improves its corrosion resistance and extends the service life of the product;

The breakthrough design of the full sealing structure ensures that the battery case and the use environment are cleaned, avoiding the corrosion of the acid pollution and the Northern forklift parts, and the battery is less in the period of use, and the province has a problem of users to check and maintain. Norr forklift battery high magnification is good, small internal resistance, deep cycle life has reached 1000-1300 times, in addition, its manufacturing process is simple, low cost, mature technology, and the selection of positive plate grid alloy has PB-SB-CD alloy Good charging acceptance capacity, high cycle life, but cadmium is extremely harmful to the human body;

European and American countries have banned and imported cadmium batteries, and my country should be disabled, but the control is not strict. VRLA batteries generally use PB-CA alloys, suitable for floating use of batteries. Early capacity loss occurs during cycling, because the electron conductivity difference of the PB-CA / PBO2 interface corrosion layer, the electron transfer of the charge and discharge reaction is hindered, improve the SN content, the electron conductivity of the interface layer is significantly increased, and the charging acceptance ability is obtained. Improved, avoided early capacity loss. Electric forklift battery charging voltage: 48V battery 54-56V, 24V battery 26-28V, the above data is only ambient temperature in the case of 20-25 degrees, but the charging voltage should be adjusted accordingly when the ambient temperature changes, and the method is temperature. 1 degree per liter, the charging voltage drops 0.003V; at an ambient temperature reduces 1 degree, the charging voltage should rise 0.003V. It is recommended to load the automatic temperature compensation function setting when charging the forklift battery to avoid seasonal temperature changes, discharge After you finish, you should add the power supply as soon as possible. If you are not charged for a long time, it will cause the battery to be difficult, and the plate is molded.

The electric forklift battery is generally 4 to 5 years. Welcome to inquire more battery size, specifications, model, capacity and other information.

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