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Analysis of the precautions for electric battery forklift battery charging

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Analysis of the precautions for electric battery forklift battery chargingThe battery electric forklift refers to a balanced heavy forklift in the battery. The acceleration of electric heap high cars, the front shift forklift, the electric forklift has simple operation, environmentally friendly, suitable for indoor operation.
The electric battery forklift needs to pay attention to what is charged when charging, and the fact is simple. The battery forklift is mainly paid to the following two aspects.
(1) When the battery forklift is charged, the charging circuit must be completely detached from the chopper because the overvoltage generated by the charger also damages the chopper in addition to affecting the charger charging.
(2) Pay special attention to the battery to the electronically controlled wire should be arranged in parallel and should be as short as possible.
In addition, in theoretical battery charging, there is also the following requirements:
(1) The battery room that plays the charging machine room and battery charging of the motor must be isolated from each other.
(2) The charging cable must be preset between the charging machine room and the battery room.
(3) Each charging should have a separate power control switch, so that it is easy to overhaul and maintenance, so the charging room is configured to configure the corresponding power distribution cabinet.
(4) The battery room should have a ventilated ventilation and ventilation.
(5) There is a dangerous product warehouse to place an electrolyte, a new dry storage battery.
(6) The air of the charging room should be circulated, and there should be ventilated and exhausting equipment.
(7) The battery room has a driving for placing the battery.
(8) There is a warehouse to place tools, connectors, fasteners, new dry storage batteries, etc.

Battery is generally a year warranty, reasonable use of electric forklifts, reasonable charge and discharge, can improve the life of the forklift.

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