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Analysis of the use of battery discharge instrument

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Analysis of the use of battery discharge instrumentThis note is used to guide the user to operate the battery discharger.
The operator must have an electrician or above.
 The operator should pay special attention to personnel and equipment in use.
 The battery discharger belongs to the precision test equipment. It should be gently put it in the process. Don’t throw it, and the results will cause the outer casing to deformed, and the weight will cause the internal components to fail and affect normal use.
 Avoid splashing liquid to the surface of the intelligent discharge monitor to avoid permanent injury, and flammable gases may cause explosion.
For your safety, please read all the contents in this manual before operating the smart battery discharge device. The measurement personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of the test system. This is very important to take the right test step to avoid damage to other people from itself and the work area. This is very important.
We assume that the operator has a comprehensive understanding of the battery, charging system and equipment before using this tester. Before using this test, be sure to refer to and comply with the relevant security precautions, and the test steps provided by the test equipment manufacturer. Safety information security information is used to avoid casualties and equipment damage.
Read, understand and follow the safety information and instructions in this specification, including:
Danger! Expressing very urgent dangerous situations, if you don’t want to avoid it, you will lead to serious casualties.
warn! Indicates potential dangerous situations, if you don’t want to avoid it, you will cause serious casualties.
Notice! Indicates potential dangerous situations, if not tried to avoid, will lead to general staff injuries.
important! Indicates potential dangerous situations, and if you don’t want to avoid it, it is possible to cause damage to the test equipment.
Important security guidelines
Explosion danger! The gas generated by the battery is very easy to explode.
 Read, understand and follow all guidelines for any other equipment near testers, batteries, and batteries.
 No smoking, point matches, prohibiting the metal tools near the battery or make sparks near the battery.
 Clean the terminals before using the tester. Pay attention to protect your eyes, noses and mouth when cleaning. Use soda and water to neutralize acidity to reduce air corrosion.
 Do not put the tester in the rain and snow or humid environment.
 Do not let battery gas or sulfuric acid contact the housing of the tester.
 Don’t charge, test, or apply loads for frozen batteries. The battery should be thawed and warm to room temperature before performing the above operation. Charging the frozen battery or attempts to test it will cause the battery to explode and lead to personal injury.
 You should confirm that all test connections are connected in accordance with the guidelines before testing.
 Make sure the two battery holders are firmly connected to the battery connection.
Battery explosions can lead to people casualties.
Prevent burns
The current generated by the battery is sufficient to melt the various ornaments and make it soldered on the metal. Each ornament should be taken under the battery near the battery.

Short circuit will lead to personally injured.

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