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Analysis of the weight and forklift of the forklift

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Analysis of the weight and forklift of the forkliftThe weight of the forklift can be associated with the rated level of the forklift. For example, the maximum weight of 3 tons of forklift can be 3 tons, and is the best position in the best angle.
The forklift is an industrial handling vehicle refers to a variety of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, and short-range transport operations.
International standardized organization ISO / TC110 is called industrial vehicles. Commonly used in the transportation of large objects, usually use a fuel or battery drive.
The technical parameters of the forklift are used to indicate the structural features and working performance of the forklift. The main technical parameters are: rated weight, load

Center distance, maximum lifting height, gantry angle, maximum driving speed, minimum turn radius, minimum ground clearance, and axial distance, width, etc.
1. Rated weight: The rated lifting weight of the forklift refers to the maximum weight of the lifting cargo when the center of gravity to the front wall of the cargo is not more than the load center distance, and is expressed in t (ton). When the center of cargo on the fork exceeds the prescribed load center distance, the weight should be reduced accordingly due to the limitations of the longitudinal stability of the forklift.
2, the load center distance: The load center distance refers to the horizontal distance T of the front wall of the fork vertical segment when placing a standard cargo on the fork. For the 1T to 4T forklift specified load center distance of 500 mm.
3, the maximum lifting height: The maximum lifting height refers to the vertical distance of the upper surface of the fork of the forklift, the upper surface of the fork, and the upper surface of the fork, and the upper surface of the fork, the upper surface of the fork.
4, gantry inclination: door frame is angle to refer to a fixed forklift in a flat solid ground, the door frame relative to its vertical position forward or backward. The role of the front inclination is to facilitate the fork and unload the goods; the role of the back tilt angle is to prevent the goods from the fork when the car is running. Generally, the tilt angle of the forklift is 3 ¡ã to 6 ¡ã, and the rear horn is 10 ¡ã to 12 ¡ã.
5, the maximum lifting speed: the maximum speed of the forklift is usually the maximum speed of the cargo, indicated by m / min (min / minute) when it is fully loaded. Increase the maximum lifting speed, improve work efficiency, but the lifting speed is too fast, and it is easy to take care of the goods and the loss. At present, the largest lifting speed of domestic forklifts has been increased to 20 m / min.

6, the highest driving speed: Improve driving speed has a great impact on improving the efficiency of the forklift. The maximum running speed is not less than 17m / min when the lift is 1T.
7, minimum turn radius: When the forklift is driving, the outermost side and the most innermost to the turning center are smaller in the outermost direction, respectively, the minimum outer side turned radius Rmin, respectively, and the minimum inner turn radius RMIN . The smallest outer turning radius is smaller, and the smaller the ground area required for the forklift is, the better the maneuverability.
8, minimum separation gap: The minimum separation gap is outside the wheel, the lowest point to the ground to the ground, which indicates that the forklift does not collide with the abundance of the obstacle. The minimum separation of the ground is higher, and the passage of the forklift is higher.

9, the wheelbase and the wheeling: the forklift wheelbase is the horizontal distance of the front and rear axle of the forklift. Taskets refer to the distance from the center of the left and right rounds on one axis. Increase the wheelbase, which is conducive to the longitudinal stability of the forklift, but increase the length of the body, and the minimum turn radius is increased. Increase the width, which is conducive to the lateral stability of the forklift, but increase the main width and minimum turn radius.
10, the minimum width of the right angle passage: the minimum width of the right angle channel refers to the minimum width of the channel intersecting the tachral intersection of the forklift. Expressed in mm. Generally, the smallest width of the right right channel is smaller, and the performance is getting better.

11, the minimum width of the stacking channel: The minimum width of the stacking channel is the minimum width of the channel when the forklift is in normal operation.

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