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Analysis on the management and after-sales service of the battery

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Analysis on the management and after-sales service of the batteryWhat is battery management?
Every year, the battery factory, the automotive factory, and the battery agent, the battery agent, the cost of hundreds of thousands of RMB, paying claims for good batteries. Most of the batteries in the battery is not a bad battery. The main reason for causing the battery claim is lack of testing and charging. Because the replacement of the battery is more easier than testing the battery or charging the battery, many good batteries are not replaced. In addition, the sales of new batteries is greater than the benefits of the new battery than accurate testing batteries. However, this money always has to pay. Depending on the size of the size, it is possible to pay the unnecessary claim fee of tens of thousands or even millions of RMB. In addition, because many repair stations do not write a preventive battery and circuit system testing into their maintenance projects, it is not possible to find out the battery and circuit system before the problem is found, so millions of RMB comes from battery and circuit system. The potential sales income of maintenance is missing. It is a pity!
High-efficiency battery management requires technical, equipment, processes, and control, etc., to help manufacturers and agents improve profitability, customer service, and sales opportunities.

Battery management
Technology: Make testing and charging safety, fast and simple – avoid objection, hard work
Equipment: Applies technology to quality control, inventory, and maintenance
Process: Make a white process – clearly understand the entire process of born to deplete, and manage several key points or problems.
Control: Use information to strengthen the rules and manage the entire process. Each process is only a different means or fees separately.

When the combination is close, the return on investment may be incredible. The battery management can become a profit center instead of a fee item.

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