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Analysis on the materials and development of electric forklift batteries

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Analysis on the materials and development of electric forklift batteriesThe electric forklift battery is the name of the electric forklift. It is mainly taken from the lead ingredient of the metal material. The price trend is also fluctuated according to the market of the international metal lead material. For imported, domestic electric forklifts, the selected battery equipment is different. At present, Linde, Eternal, Hester three major brands mainly based on German standard 198 soft connection, cooperation, Hangzhou forklift, Meikos and other domestic forklift giants are used in welding form, mainly the British standard BS158 series, Japan / South Korea and other countries, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Xiaolong, TCM, etc., Japanese electric forklifts are mostly 158 British standards; soldering, we can customize the capacity of the traction forklift battery according to the iron box size to match the charger.

There is also a forklift power battery is colloidal; the main component of the colloidal electrolyte is a functional compound having a particle diameter of almost nano-stage, and the rheological resistance is better, and the liquid storage battery is easily carried out. After the colloidal electrolyte enters the inside of the battery or to charge several hours, it will gradually occult, so that the liquid electrolyte is transformed into a gum, and a plurality of surfactants are added to the colloid, which helps to fill the battery preoperative anti-condensation, and It helps to fill the battery after the battery is used to prevent the plate sulfate, reduce the corrosion of the grid, improve the reaction utilization of the plate active material, and the energy released by the original reaction is directly converted into low voltage DC power. The battery is a device that can convert chemical energy and DC electrical energy to each other and to be charged after discharging, and compared to the performance of colloid forklift cells and ordinary forklift lead-acid batteries. The colloidal battery is a new generation of products of the lead-acid battery, which is named after its electrolyte is a colloidal substance.

The colloidal battery has greatly improved the defects of the original lead-acid battery, the anti-heat loss performance, short life shortage, reflecting long life, wide temperature adaptation, low self-discharge rate, good thermal loss of control, consistent , Safe, environmental protection, etc. In terms of forklift battery price, most of the domestic affairs have not been large, with qualified forklift battery factories, and it is believed that in the next few years, after standardized management, the battery industry will develop benign.

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