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Analysis on the meaning of battery model

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Analysis on the meaning of battery modelThe model of the battery consists of three parts, and each part is separated from the zip number:
1. The first part is the number of series single cells and is represented by the Arabic number.
For example, “6” in the battery refers to the battery consisting of six monomers because each monomer is 2 volts, so 6 monomers are 12 volts, so “6” can directly understand this is a 12 volt. Battery.
2. The second part is the type and characteristics of the battery, and often use the first letter of Chinese characters. A- means dry load, H-means a wet loading, W-means for maintenance,
S- indicates less maintenance, Q- is started, I-representing the colloidal electrolyte
The QA “QA” is the starting type, and A means that the dry-load battery is required, and the “dry rendering battery” is not a dry battery, but is stored in the shape of a dry battery when it is not sold. There is no need to charge the car 20 minutes after the addition of the electrolytic solution.
3. The third part is the rated capacity of the battery. The unit is not used with Kelomb but uses AH, which is generally not written in the model. Sometimes it is specifically demonstrated with one letter after the rated amount. G- represents high power, S- represents a plastic housing, D-represents low temperature start performance.
120ah refers to this battery capacity, and it is possible to install how much electricity.
The DZM series battery is mainly used for electric vehicles.
The LS series battery is mainly used in power systems, communication, UPS uninterruptible power, solar and safety alarm systems.
GS (S) Series Battery can be used in emergency lighting, electricity, communication, start and UPS uninterruptible power supply.

GS (M) Series Battery For emergency lights, portable devices, small UPS, security alerts, electric appliances, and electric toys.

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